Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips

By admin February 6, 2014
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Digital Marketing is a highly effective marketing tool. But it needs to be deployed with the precision of a scalpel to achieve the desired results. Digital marketing is more than just posting updates on Facebook or videos on YouTube or tweeting and Instagramming. Just posting pretty pictures on a Tumblr blog may not lead to the hoped for spectacular results.

Digital marketers should come up with campaigns that are more than just a one-time Super Bowl super-hit. The campaign should persist in the consumer’s brain. Geo-targeted ads on mobiles are very effective digital marketing campaigns for small and medium businesses. Mobile ads should incorporate deep linking which will take you right to the specific product page within an app. To elaborate, if you see an ad for discounted ladies casual wear or discounted ladies shoes, on clicking the ad, you should be taken directly to the sub-page where you can get those items with the advertised discounts. This significantly simplifies the user experience for the mobile user.

Digital marketers can turn content into marketing. How? By turning the company’s blog into a place with helpful information or tutorials related to the company’s business domain. A tax consultant can offer advice and tips on how to make smart investments (think Suze Orman). A real estate company can offer real estate advice. A food supplement company or an organic food company can offer diet advice. Your site should have a sign up form where users can join an email list. Having a list of email subscribers is a valuable asset which will grow over time as long as you offer useful information which attracts more subscribers.

Another way to incorporate content marketing would be to offer some useful information or tips in exchange for a user’s e-mail. The user will have the choice to enter his or her e-mail address to receive diet advice or a report about local property prices and instead the marketer will get an e-mail to which the digital marketer can send promotional material.

Websites should be responsive. It should re-size depending upon the size of the screen the user is using; whether that is a 25-inch desktop monitor or a 7-inch tablet or 5-inch smartphone screen. It’s a fact that almost three-quarters of smartphone users shop using their mobile device. Most of those smartphone users tend to have negative experiences as of now as websites have not yet been designed to be responsive. If your website is not responsive, you lost business. It’s as simple as that. A responsive website, in essence, is a foundation on which a great digital marketing campaign can be built.

Having a social media aspect to your digital marketing campaign is a key to success in 2014 and beyond. So, advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Join Google+ ASAP if you have not done so already. As Google doubles down on its strategy to win the social media war and take on Facebook, Google+ is becoming one of the factors that Google uses to come up with site rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is especially true for Google Local Search; that is the kind of search mostly conducted from mobile devices with ‘location’-aware Android or iOS devices.

Similarly, blogging is a key part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Consider the advantages of blogging. Google and other search engines give priority to sites where the content is changing or is updated frequently. Obviously, you cannot update the website’s content too much or too often. If you have a blog, you can add regular posts to the blog. This tells the search engines to visit your site regularly to look for new content ensuring your site will do well in the SERPs.

Lastly, have comprehensive analytic pertaining to all the aspects of a digital marketing campaign so that you are well aware of the success or otherwise of the campaign and where and how the campaign needs to be tweaked to make it more effective. We hope these digital marketing tips have been useful and if you need any help around your digital marketing strategy or anything else, then please reach out to the team at Mind Digital.

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