Drupal Development Has Many Benefits

Drupal Development Has Many Benefits

By admin October 7, 2014
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Drupal has been voted as one of the most preferred CMS (Content Management Systems) globally not just for business websites but also for individual blogs. One of the main reasons why the Drupal CMS platform has become so popular is it offers a very powerful set of tools to both merchants and site owners. By opting for Drupal development, you are going for a fully open-source and extendible CMS platform that can do almost anything you can imagine. Drupal is a publishing platform that has been created by users which is bursting with potential. You can use it off-the shelf or snap-in as many things that you need for your website to do what you need it to do. Below, we will discuss why going for Drupal development is a great business decision no matter what your needs may be:

Organize & find
The Drupal CMS is a very well structured and organized CMS platform for many reasons. It gives site owners the ability to easily create, organize, structure, find and re-use content with the robust set of tools that it comes in-built with. You can do many things such as categorize with taxonomy, easily create friendly path URLs, associate content with other sections of content on your site and much more. By choosing to go with Drupal development, you also get the ability to easily create an XML sitemap on your site which helps the search engines. Using the XML sitemap module which is available for Drupal, it allows the search engines to scan all links, contents and images on your website. Thereafter, the module automatically creates a sitemap which is then synced with the guidelines from sitemap.org. Have a sitemap on your website will help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rankings.

SEO friendly
Any Drupal development expert will tell you that the Drupal CMS platform is very SEO friendly for many reasons. You can easily add modules within your site to help your SEO such as Google analytics and Global Redirect Module. The Google Analytics module will allow you to easily track, tag and optimize your pages with the features of Google Analytics. The Global Redirect Module helps fix duplication on two different URLs within your website by redirecting them to the actual page.  Lastly, you can easily customize your URLs according to what you want which will also help your in SEO efforts. As a result, going for Drupal development means that you are going for a CMS platform that keeps many SEO things in mind which will help you in the long run with higher search engine rankings.

Plugins & support
When you choose to go with Drupal development, you have access to more than 16,000 extensions/plugins which the Drupal CMS offers its users. Almost anything you can imagine can be done with the Drupal CMS through a readily-made plugin/extension that has been created and if anything isn’t, you can create one. In addition, within the Drupal homepage, there is plenty of resources available for new or seasoned Drupal users such as documentation, forums, discussion boards, mailing list and much more. This means that any questions or problems you may have can easily be answered here without any issues. Lastly, if you need any specific customizations done that are not readily-available, you can easily create one with the help of a PHP developer since Drupal is a completely PHP based open source CMS system.

Brilliant management
When you choose to go with Drupal development, management of your site is spectacular. An administrator can easily create users based around permissions allowing you to limit or allow access your website accordingly. In addition, any user can easily and quickly publish pages without the need for any technical programming knowledge. Lastly, you can put an approval process in place to ensure that content is approved if necessary before it goes live. Drupal gives you the ultimate flexibility and management capabilities allowing you to do what you need with your CMS platform without any headaches.

It’s no surprise that the White House, Zynga, Louvre Museum, ING along with many more well-known organizations have chosen to go with Drupal as their CMS platform of choice. Drupal is a world-class, secure, reliable, extendible and customizable CMS platform that can do almost anything you need. If you go with Drupal development, you won’t be disappointed by choosing this CMS platform for your website as it’s a superb choice. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and experienced Drupal development partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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