Features Of A Good Business Websites

Features Of A Good Business Websites

By admin December 12, 2016
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So, are you ready to take your business online? More so, do you want to have a website that helps your business perform well in the digital world?

It’s always a good decision to trust and hire only an experienced web development company India to get developed a superior or quality website and boost the prospects of your business over the web.

However, you will surely need more than just having an expert to get the website developed. You need to make sure that the site to-be-developed has all those features and functionalities that help your target audience in one way or other.

Similarly, the site should not lack vital information or anything that curtails its prospects in the digital world.

Things to consider before getting the website developed

Clearly, you need to ask yourself some important questions regarding the website so that the end result is what you expect to be. Unless these questions are asked or raised, you might not expect the site to help you beyond any point.

Here are some of things you just can’t ignore before website development stage –

Features and functions relevant to your target audience

Website’s performance on mobile devices

A blend of technical merit and visual appeal of the site

About social media aspects and related features

About CMS, loading time, selection of a reliable host etc.

Utility for the audience

In essence, you need to be sure about whether the website you are getting developed will be of help to your audience in true sense or not. This aspect is something you just can’t ignore.

Features of a good business website

Your website is useless if it’s not enriched with all the features that help users in some way. It’s therefore important to have only a good website so that the performance of the business can be boosted.

Here are some of key features your business website should have-

Domain name & logo

It’s always helpful to have an easy to remember domain name as it not only helps users but also to search engines. Then next, there should be a visually appealing logo right at the top representing your business in a perfect manner.

Tagline & contact number

Visitors come to your website to get as much information as they could in the least possible time. This is where a tagline helps them get a better clarity about the business in lesser possible time. Having the contact number at the top further boosts the trust of your visitors.

Navigation (top & bread crumb)

The top navigation should be clear and easy to read. Similarly, every page on the site should have bread crumb navigation to help users find things easily on the site.

Call to action button (CTA)

A good website is one that has easy to read and simple to access call to action button. The CTA button should preferably on at the top and if you have more than one on a single page, it will surely lead to confusion for visitors.

Images or sliders

A good business website is one that uses images or sliders on the landing page or in inner pages as well. The purpose of these is to list the USP of the business and help users know the differentiating aspects easily.

Business information

Since your website exists to inform users and clear their doubts, it should have virtually all business information visitors often look. From location to contact info to contact form to branch office details etc., everything should be there in the site.

Testimonials & reviews

Having testimonials and reviews in the site boosts it image in the eyes of visitors. If you website is in the e-commerce domain, then video testimonials is even more helpful.

Video description of products or services

It’s always a helpful move to have videos describing your products and services as this creates better understanding and detailing for customers. If video detailing is not possible for each and every product, then it should surely be done for popular ones or trending ones or those in the hot-selling genres.

Social media buttons

The site should have social media integration. Those social media buttons should be given in the footer. This way, visitors can get a broader idea about your business’ social presence and its social impact.

Chat feature & captcha form

It’s good to have an online chat feature in the site to engage with users in an easy and convenient manner. You should also have the captcha form in inner pages so that the risks and inconveniences of spams can be minimized to a great extent.

FAQ page

You should have an FAQ page in the site and list together some of those questions and answers that can help users a lot. You can select some of “frequently asked questions” related to any aspect of the business you deem important and post them to help your visitors.

Blog page

Your website should have a blog page to boost its marketing prospects in a great way. The page should have a search function, social media share buttons and comment features. You can highlight tags and popular articles or posts on a sidebar to help and inform users further.

Readable and well-formatted content

The site should have easy to read and well formatted content. From font to colour to style to visual appeal, the content should come good on every parameter to help add value to users.

Responsive design

The website should have responsive design. This is how it delivers a consistent look and feel across mobile devices. Unless this design aspect is assimilated in the site, its mobile-friendliness aspect won’t be termed better for sure.

SEO friendly design

There should be the feature of automatic sitemap creation. Page titles and Meta tags should get updated in a simple and easy manner. Similarly, there has to easy to update URL structure to boost the site’s SEO aspects. If the site is not designed and developed keeping SEO in mind, it then will never have the desired kind of visibility and ranking in search engines.

CMS in the backend

The site should have a CMS in the backend. This is done to help you manage and update the site’s content in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Cross-browser compatibility

The website should be compatible with virtually all browsers in the market. This way, users get the freedom to access the site regardless of browser they use.

Google Analytics Integration

Get Google Analytics in the site and track your visitors’ performance over there. This is how your site can perform better.

Fast loading speed

The site should have optimized code to boost its speed. Further, it should use browser cache to boost the speed. After all, the site should not take more than 2-3 seconds else the visitor might switch to other site.


And lastly, the site should have security features and certificates so that visitors won’t feel worried in giving away card details and other person info with ease.

In overall, hire the best web development company in India to get a feature-rich and quality website developed. This is how you can boost the prospects of your business in the digital world.

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