How Google Algorithm Updates Impact SEO Practitioners And Their Duties?

By admin January 15, 2018
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Being an SEO practitioner is never easy. It is a tough job as you are relied upon for things and results not totally in your control. To make the matter worse, there is constant updates from Google which hardly allows the pros to settle in and form a set pattern. The algorithm updates take a lot to getting used to, and you can ask any SEO person and him/she would open the heart out with just a slight prodding.
Google algorithm updates impacts the industry as a whole, often wiping out works of days, weeks and even months. Since SEO people are trusted to boost rankings across digital channels, any changes to the algorithm is bound to affect their credibility in the market. They thus lack surety about the methods clients come to them for, and this kind of dilute the sheen of internet marketing as a whole.
As SEOs work to boost the rankings and visibility of websites and business on the web, they rely on the updates in existence and deliver benefits to clients. In such cases when updates come into effect, they then have to start all over again and all the toil, or at least a big part, goes wasted. The impacts are much more at different levels felt by everyone in the loop.

Google algorithm updates can impact SEO people in many ways in their jobs, including –

1 – Impacts to businesses and clients
Google algorithm updates impact businesses. But no one could say how much. The updates can bring the search engine performance of the business down, which is reported by many clients. However, there is not always surety about negative impact and in some cases, there won’t be any impact at all, and updates make business as usual look a reality.
But for SEO people, not being in the know of the things about the updates is hard. Since Google brings updates without informing anyone in advance, there is always a matter of uncertainty hanging over the clouds. This often prevents SEO guys to promise anything with certainty and this can be boon or bane, as which way you look at it.

2 – Search engine performance nosedives
Google updates keep everyone on their toes, literally. They could come any minute and unsettle the set order of the SEO world. Rankings can get down, search engine performances can take a downward spiral and in extreme cases, ever sites get blocked. In such cases, it is always a challenge for SEO practitioners to stay on top of their games and promise to deliver value to clients. Clients are thus never told in clear terms the kind of results they would be provided with as the provider itself lacks any clarity.
Algorithm change is a major event that when happens often takes many people off their guard. Its tremors are not restricted to the SEO industry alone as clients from across verticals are dependent on Google search engine to enhance their reach and presence in the market. With any changes to the mechanism of ranking, a top-down domino impact can set off leaving all the concerned people into tizzy.

3- A challenge that can make or break SEOs
Google algorithm updates is a challenge in true sense. It can make or break SEOs, depending on how you accept it. Some people take them as a tech challenge and go about decoding it while for others, it remains a nightmare. Although businesses and clients get impacted by the sudden changes to algorithm, there is plenty of positive to look up to and face the situation head on. For some, it can be a daunting challenge while others expect it and treat it as routine of the job.
Clearly, the updates are an attempt from Google to organize the search better and help searches and users get superior results for their searches. The company focuses on preventing bad practices and ill attempts to succeed in gaining top rankings and rewards those following the updates and go by the rule book. So, technically, these updates should never cause much of heartburn except when you have tried to game the system and failed!

4 – Losing prospects and opportunities
Nobody likes their applecart to be disturbed suddenly. Google algorithm updates just do that unannounced. So, SEOs come in for surprise less with the sudden changes to their methods of work but more for the damages it could bring to their prospects. Their expertise takes a jolt which in turn could impact a lot of businesses or brands that have heavily invested with them. The updates can even sound an end to many a career and this makes many SEOs feel a bit apprehensive about that.
For many, the updates come as a career-threatening shock as their all knowledge and work of months go for a naught in the wake of downgraded prospects. So, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that for most these Google algorithm updates are not always favorable and in most cases, the phenomenon catch their off guard. Some even think of walking out of the SEO and join a different industry but persist and decide to have another crack at it.

5 – Not everyone loses with the updates
Not everyone loses with the updates, and in fact, a good percentage of SEOs take the changes into their stride and move forward. There will be newer avenues and routes being opened once the existed ones get blocked and this is exactly what happens when Google decides to bring those updates to the public. There won’t be any impact to the best SEO company as despite changes, it will know how to leverage the updates and find a way to cater clients in a better way.
This is how Google manages a fine balance with its updates with only a fraction of SEOs getting impacted in a big way. You can keep the hope alive, stay in the industry and gain a lot from your acute wisdom and knowledge in regard to optimization.

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