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By admin December 22, 2014
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Since the start of Amazon as an online seller of books 20 years ago, much has changed about the World Wide Web and the opportunity for Ecommerce has exploded. More people have access to the Web using more means of access — desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones — and people are ditching traditional means of purchasing (shops) and consuming content (TV). Instead they are opting to purchase stuff online leading to the rise of Ecommerce as well as consuming content online leading to the explosion of online streaming companies like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video and so on.

In this changed scenario, smart Ecommerce businesses are becoming great successes by catering to niche requirements. For Ecommerce businesses, their website is their brand identity and their marketplace. A Magento-based Ecommerce website has all that it takes to be a top notch Ecommerce website. With the ability hire offshore Magento development professionals in countries such as India, small businesses, large businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs can benefit in a lot of ways.

Offshore Magento Development – A Cost-effective solution
The Magento CMS (Content Management System) is a fully-integrated online shopping platform with a variety of product display options and mobile templates that can be used to develop top quality Ecommerce websites. Magento has product categorization and loyalty programs, configurable discount and promotion rules, multiple transaction options and other brilliant functionality. Magento is extensible so that you can add more functionality to your online store as and when you need them. Magento provides high security as well as product browsing and catalog browsing options. You can extend Magento’s functionality with widgets that enrich the functionality of the front end blocks. Magento widgets can be used for display of dynamic product data and dynamic product lists based on recently viewed items. These are all aspects of your online store that can be customized with the help of an experienced offshore Magento development company.

With the dynamic nature of the online world, new innovations are legion and successful entrepreneurs tend to be the ones who are up-to-date with the latest changes. For example, Twitter has introduced in-site purchase options to make Twitter Ecommerce-friendly. Twitter has also introduced a variety of Twitter cards designed for different needs. For Ecommerce websites and businesses, you need to have a Twitter presence where the use of Twitter cards will ensure that your tweets will show a ‘Purchase’ link for one-click shopping. Similarly, use of Summary and Image cards will make your tweets more informative and relevant for Twitter users by showing a ‘View Summary’ link which people can click to see a short summary of the link you have posted. This summary is pulled from what you have put in the Summary card. This is just another example of the functionality and features that can added to your online store with the help of an offshore Magento development partner.

Hire Dedicated Magento Developers
The benefits of dedicated Magento developers accrues from the complete control the client gets over the execution of the project. Clients can opt for full-time, part-time, or hourly hiring modes depending on their needs. Thus clients get flexibility in terms of how much they want to invest in their web development efforts. Lastly, clients don’t have to worry about any HR, operational or recruitment expenses if and when they choose to go for a dedicated Magento development resource.

Offshore Magento Development in India
This ensures access to world class Magento developers at affordable prices. With adequate manpower and millions of new graduates joining the workforce, there is never any shortage of IT professionals in India. Magento development professionals at Mind Digital are highly experienced, have the requisite technical skills and have good English communication skills for client communication. Our Magento developers have honed their skills over many years in developing many successful client projects. We often enter into long-term partnerships with clients for digital marketing, Social Media marketing and content marketing initiatives to ensure enduring business success for our clients. We recognize that building a brand is a long-term process and we approach our projects with a strategic mindset.

By opting for offshore Magento development in countries such as India, clients gain access to quality of development services that are second to none and comparable to what is available with web development companies in the U.S. or Europe. By opting for offshore Indian web development companies instead of Russian or Eastern European companies, clients get to deal with Magento and other developers who are primarily trained in English and have adequate English fluency. When you factor in the cost benefits apart from everything else, businesses really give themselves a huge competitive advantage by opting for offshore Magento development in India. Ensure that any company you choose to work with has the necessary expertise and experience to delivery you the type of Magento development work that you are looking for. If you are looking for a trusted, reputed and capable offshore Magento development partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital group for all your development or digital marketing needs.

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