How Onshore Web Development Is Being Replaced By Offshore Web Development

How Onshore Web Development Is Being Replaced By Offshore Web Development

By admin August 29, 2014
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Turning your dreams and vision into a business is not as easy as it seems especially in today’s competitive world. On one hand you have to be focused about giving your customers what they need and on the other hand you also have to keep your expenses under control. Companies and businesses around the world today are searching for better ways on how they can improve their products or services while keeping their business budget under control. This has been a huge factor as to why offshore web development is becoming more popular over onshore development. Before, businesses would opt for local onshore development as it was easy, convenient and they could keep an eye on things. Today, with technology advances such as Skype, Gtalk, BaseCamp and many others software’s which allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening, working with an offshore web development company is easier than ever before.

10 years ago, almost only large enterprise companies were taking advantage of offshore web development as they had the infrastructure and resources to do so. Today, the world has become more global with communication being easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. A business of any size can opt for offshore web development in almost any country as the barriers to entry are almost all eliminated. To get the right balance, you will need to search for the right offshore web development firm that can help you to get the results you are looking for. Here, we focus on why many companies today hunt for offshore web development companies instead of choosing onshore web development firms along with the reasons behind it.

Low Cost
The biggest challenge for any business around the globe is the increasing production or service costs and that means that companies have to search for alternatives. With offshore web development, you have the option to cut down your cost dramatically because are able to get lower rates for the same services that you are getting onshore. For example, a web developer in the US or the UK will cost up to 5 times more than that of a web development professional located in India for example. Offshore web development firms are located in developing countries such as India where the labor rates are low and that offers a win-win situation to them and your business. It makes business sense to get the same job done offshore if it costing you up to 75% less than getting that same thing done onshore. You can use the money you are saving and invest it into other parts of your business.

We often connect low cost with poor quality, but that is certainly not the case when you are working with a good offshore web development firm. There are many offshore web development firms that offer professional services that are available at affordable rates. Hence, when you are searching for an offshore web development company, you can also be sure that you get professional service. Many countries in Asia offer professional web development services on par with international standards so that you can get the quality that you are looking for. These offshore web development companies know what international clients are expecting and they have experience working with them which allows them to deliver according to your expectations. A good offshore web development company will hire skilled professionals that have the technical expertise and the experience to deliver the professional results you need according to international business standards.

Communication Gap
Many international firms believe that going for an onshore web development firm will help them get rid of the communication or culture gap. However, the trend has changed in the past few years as a good offshore web development firm will provide clear instructions and guidelines on how they will work and handle your project. When you are searching for an offshore provider, you can expect that they are good at communicating and will keep you informed about all developments so that you have complete control. In addition, these offshore development companies are very much used to working with clients from all over the world so you should have confidence that they can deliver exactly what you need and how you want to be communicated with.

An offshore web development firm should have all the technologies that you want them to have. Almost any good offshore web development firm in developing countries has the technologies that allow them to serve their clients with the most up to date technologies. On the other hand, they also have highly qualified and skilled professionals that know how to come up with better solutions for your business. This will allow you to handle your business efficiently and focus on what’s important in your business without breaking the bank. In addition to this, you as a business don’t have to invest or spend money to purchase expensive software or hardware as this can be provided by your development partner. Hence, you are able to completely depend on your offshore web development firm when you have some groundbreaking ideas to execute. Countries like India have emerged as one of the top spots for finding an offshore web development company that can provide you with professional services at affordable rates.

In today’s inter-connected world, it’s easier now than ever before to work with an offshore web development company no matter where you are located or what timezone you are on. Ensure that any offshore web development partner you choose has the experience and expertise that you are looking for so that you are happy with the results they provide. Offshore web development is a viable business solution that can save money, time, headaches and offer you true flexibility allowing you to focus on what’s more important in your business. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experience offshore web development company, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group for any of your development or digital marketing needs.

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