How to Optimize for Your Own Branded Search Traffic?

By admin July 24, 2021
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What is branded search?

When you want to find about your or your brand’s presence on the World Wide Web, you may stuff the search bar with your brand name to see the results. This is termed a Branded search.
People often look up the internet for their seeking information. Hence, Google draws prime attention of the users for seeking help, be it any information about anything, shoppers look for their requirements, service providers, or service takers. So, Google is the most used spot for people’s search. Hence, it is natural that companies and brands would want their respective product/service to get featured in the SERP.

Who indulges in Branded search?

The audience that exhibits maximum interest and indulgence in branded search are online businesses, SaaS enterprises, service providing companies, digital product sellers, and local businesses.
Mind Digital is a digital marketing company that has a rich resource of professionals and technology to offer the best mix of services to the customers. They can help the customer companies to employ organic research and get the desired results for SEO.

What is the importance of branded search and why should companies make it their marketing goal?

Gaining visibility in the search engines for brands is an important requirement of the companies. Finding a position in the top charts of Google is one of the major objectives of every online campaign. Hence, it is not wrong to say that good SEO starts with the product/service of the enterprise.

Branded search has become a crucial marketing goal deliverable for several reasons:

  • With the help of branded search, it is easy to understand the issues that the customers are likely to face in future and the companies can take an action to avert or handle such situations with complete alertness.
  • Branded search is high intent, and it means that the users who research your brand intend to visit your website that can yield high conversions. It can also lead to good sales for eCommerce sites.
  • The online sentiment of your brand is easily understandable with branded search.
  • The buying decision of the buyers is hugely influenced by the branded search results that reflect in SERPs.

It is not possible to control the branded search but optimization of the same is a possibility that the companies should capitalize on. Companies need to spend some time to understand customer online behaviour and this effort can aid in optimizing the branded search for your brand.

How can you research queries for your branded search?

What do the users see when they type your brand name in the search engine?

It is essential to understand the importance of brand-driven suggestions offered by Google. Every enterprise should consider the pointers put forth by the prime browser. Here are the reasons that make it essential to consider the suggestions given by Google:

  • Google unveils that fact about user’s search results as far as your brand is in question. The frequency that a particular brand or service acquires by the users to be researched becomes a priority for Google, and it places that researched brand in its top charts. The brand that is most researched acquires a prime position in the SERP.
  • The suggestions made by Google can influence the buying decision of the users. If a particular brand name is typed in the search bar, the result page will reflect the brand search result along with alternative brand names also. This is a suggestion of Google. If Brand A is researched, the result page will have answers for Brand A and suggestions for alternative Brand B, C, D, etc. Hence, the competitive spirit is boosted between the brand names, and the survival of the fittest happens here too. The decision can be a tough one for the buyers as more alternatives may confuse the buyer.

Optimization of Branded search

  • Identify your current standing and position in the market. Companies can make use of SEO tools to identify their position in online typography. Rank tracking will help the companies to make amendments in their online strategies, products, and services that can help them to acquire a desired position in the SERP.
  • Importance of intent: Intent and other actionable elements play a pivotal role in optimizing the branded research. Grouping of branded keywords helps in planning the action properly. So, the intention is to create a group branded research rather than answering thousands of individual queries. The companies have to do the dual task of search intent noting and action against the ranking of its site. The company has to make an action plan for the identified branded keywords like:
    • Optimizing the current page
    • Creation of a new page.
    • Posting a blog
    • Adding a FAQ page to the site.
  • Going beyond keywords When the companies start featuring in SERP, their chances of getting better results for branded search also increases. Additional search elements like organic links, videos, images, etc. also yield the desired results for the companies. People have started using social media networking sites also to fare well in the branded research. Posting on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium attracts traffic as well.
    Tap on the technical side of marketing as well to get the desired optimization of branded search. Schema markup is also one of the most-used elements to boost branded search.
  • Monitor and interlink The power of linking is hard to ignore. Linking the website to a third-party site is one of the main practices that the companies indulge in the online marketing plan. Linking with videos is also an important way to bring traffic to your site. Using a tool like LInkChecker can be a great move to ensure monitoring of the links. Google Search Console has certain features that ease the possibility for the companies to get the desired results for branded research.

Take away

Branding is powerful because it helps the websites to gain engagement that can yield the desired results of increasing conversions. Hence, ROI and revenue boost for the company. But the online world is an evolving one. Hence, the branded research is done by thousands of users. Thus, it is essential to have an updated and improved brand strategy that is search optimized. And the story does not pause that. It is an ongoing process, and every company with an online presence should capitalize on the online marketing plans.

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