Impact Of Social Media on Ecommerce

Impact Of Social Media on Ecommerce

By admin January 13, 2014
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Don’t have the time to go out for shopping? You can use your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device instead. The trend of E-commerce websites across the world is increasing exponentially which reflects in the success of retail stores and online E-commerce companies reporting significant increases in online sales. For example, compared to last year brick and mortar stores such as Tesco, Sainsburys were reporting sales that were the same compared to last year in store, but they saw an increase of almost 10% online. This reflects the increasing affluence of the rising middle class and their willingness to shop from the comfort of their own homes and offices. Availability of consumer goods, books, computer peripherals or any item you can imagine are now available within a few mouse-clicks.

Most companies today are present on Facebook and Twitter and some are also present on defunct websites such as MySpace. On Social Media, however, it’s more about engaging customers through dialog, witty messages, contests and keeping in touch with customers even when they are not visiting the company’s website. What matters most, however, is how active the company is on Social Media, with the following they have on Twitter and how much engagement they have on Facebook with their fan base.

A good example of how to engage customers within Social Media is with contests. This is a great method in which most of the participants feel they have a chance to win something. This prize method or whichever your method is as an E-commerce company to engage your Social Media fans is important in your overall marketing strategy. Social Media engagement is all about providing value, giving something or just even helping out your brand advocates. Shopping is a popular pastime and people love the sight of products, and they love the idea of coming across the products they use frequently. Users love writing and speaking about these products on Facebook or Twitter and talking about whether they loved the product or hated it. For E-commerce companies this is having a huge effect on their business and it can no longer be ignored.

It’s a great idea for E-commerce companies to upload pictures of their latest products or most used products and even old products on Facebook and other Social Media sites. Consumers are able to therefore share the experiences they have had with these products and as a result they create awareness amongst social networks.If a certain type of product is rated highly by a friend or loved one, the likeliness of someone using this product will be much higher versus through direct ads on TV for example. Social Media as a result has had a tremendous impact on all E-commerce companies across the globe. E-commerce companies can capitalize on these social networks by engaging with the users of their products and giving them a personal experience. Every company weather that be E-commerce or retail brick and mortar needs to have a Social Media strategy but most importantly engage with their brand advocates otherwise someone else will.As always, if you need any help or guidance with your Social Media, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital.

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