India is a Superb Location For Offshore Magento Development

By admin October 8, 2014
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The offshore business model has becoOffshore Magento Developmentme a staple for many businesses around the globe. Earlier, only large multi-national companies were using the outsourcing and offshoring business model. However, with global communication becoming easier than ever and collaboration tools being widely used, the offshore business model can be adopted by anyone no matter where they are located. When you combine the benefits of the offshore business model and the brilliant features of the Magento CMS, you get something beautiful known as offshore Magento development.

Magento is a leading Ecommerce CMS system that is being used by thousands of online businesses owners from across the world due to the wide array of features, functionality and security it offers. It has been voted as one of the best open source platforms for business owners who are looking to come online and be part of the huge Ecommerce boom. India, is a leading offshoring location for IT related work for many reasons. Below, we will discuss why India is the one of the leading choices when you are looking to go for offshore Magento development:

Significant cost savings
This is one of the biggest reasons why companies want to use the offshore development business model. India as a location is ideal for this as the cost of living and the cost of IT-related wages paid here is significantly less when compared to the US, UK or Australia for example. A typical Magento developer will be paid 25 to 35% the salary of a development employee in a Western country. As a result, the cost savings that you will get when you choose to go with an Indian offshore Magento developer can really help the bottom line for your business. Lastly, you will also save money on taxes as when you work with an Indian offshore service provider, you don’t have to pay taxes on these IT services as it is tax-exempt, saving your even more money.

When you work with an offshore Magento development provider, you don’t have to worry about any hardware or software costs. Many people overlook this but it can be quite expensive when you start adding up all the costs associated with hiring an internal resource. In addition, an offshore service provider has the relevant infrastructure already in places as they are used to working with a varying amount of clients from across the world. They have the software, hardware, project management techniques and other details in order allowing you to use their infrastructure rather than having your own. This will ultimately save you both time and money which you can use elsewhere in your business.

English is the language that is taught at all major universities throughout India. This means that almost all the IT professionals that graduate from these schools know how to communicate in English as it is what they have been taught throughout their University life. India as a location is great choice when you are looking for offshore Magento development as the communication issue you might face with other development locations is fairly limited.

Quality professionals
India as a country is churning out huge numbers of qualified IT professionals due to the huge potential the IT sector holds. As a result of the large and fast-growing numbers, you are able to get your hands on qualified, trained and professional IT staff to help you with your offshore Magento development needs. It is estimated that more than 1 million new employees join the IT sector each year and that number is only growing allowing you to have access to an enormous talent pool. Lastly, many web development companies in India are SEI CMM Level 5 companies with ISO 9001 certification. This again is a testament to the high quality of IT professionals that are widely available in India.

If you are choosing to go with Magento for your Ecommerce needs, you are making a great decision which you will not regret. When you combine the power, functionality, features and flexibility that the Magento CMS offers you along with the offshore business model, you get a great outcome known as offshore Magento development. Choosing to go with India for your offshore development needs is also a superb choice as it’s the leading offshore destination in the world when it comes to IT and software related development. Ensure that any company you choose to work with has the necessary expertise, experience and portfolio to deliver you the type of results that you need. If you are looking for a trusted, experienced and reliable offshore Magento development partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group for any of your development or digital marketing needs.

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