India Is The Location For Offshore Magento Development

India Is The Location For Offshore Magento Development

By admin August 21, 2014
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Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing segments of the global economy which is otherwise anemic at best. The growth of Ecommerce will continue as more and more traditional retailers offer to make their products and services available online. The Magento Ecommerce platform but more specifically offshore Magento development has become a very popular strategy for businesses of all sizes across the world.

The number of people who have access to the Internet keeps growing and the number of mobile internet users is exploding with the availability of cheap smartphones. By setting up an Ecommerce website, businesses of any size can make their products available to customers all across the world. No wonder, more and more Ecommerce websites are coming online all the time.

Offshore Magento Development- A Magento Ecommerce website
When you have to make a choice between so many available Ecommerce platforms in the market, you cannot do much better than opting for a Magento based Ecommerce store. Magento has all the tools you can think of or you will need to develop a top-class Ecommerce website to run your online business. To get your Magento web development project finished quickly and at a very competitive price, many businesses across the world are opting for offshore Magento development by offshore Magento developers in India. India has been chosen as a leading place for offshore Magento development due to the technical expertise that the IT professionals have, cost-savings related to offshore development, lack of language barrier and many more have made India a leading destination for offshore Magento development.

Why choose Magento development:

Magento comes with all the necessary features to take care of the needs of large and small Ecommerce website.

Magento has all the required features that an online shopping websites need — related product features, configurable catalog promotion pricing, SEO-friendly URLs, ‘popular search term’ page, various checkout options, payment and shipping features, multiple PayPal gateways and so on.

Many large companies have chosen to go with Magento development such as Ford, Samsung, Lenovo, Nike, Nestle and whole range of others giving confidence to the fact that Magento is secure, reliable, scalable, and a stable Ecommerce solution for any size business.

Magento Enterprise has even more features including Persistent Shopping, Automated Email Marketing, etc.

With Magento’s responsive themes, it’s possible to develop an Ecommerce website that will look perfect on all screen sizes. In today’s world where mobile Internet users have overtaken desktop internet users, not having a responsive website can translate into extensive business losses.

Magento has umpteen extensions that will take care of unique needs of clients if the ready-to-use features of Magento are not sufficient.

Magento has an extensive developer community which will be helpful in case of any technical troubles.

Magento is written in the PHP programming language so find offshore Magento developers is very easy.

Offshore Magento Developers in India
Opting for offshore Magento development will mean significant cost savings of up to 75%. With skillful offshore Magento developers in India, you can be assured of top quality Ecommerce website development that has all the responsive design elements as well as conforms to HTML5 standards.

With offshore Magento development at a top class full-service web development company in India, you can rest assured that other factors that are critical to your success such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media are inherently part of the picture during the website design and development phases. When you choose a good offshore Magento development company, they can offer you much more than just development expertise as they will have experience and expertise in helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

More than just Offshore Magento Development
With the growing role and importance of Social Media, Social Media marketing has become an important aspect of digital marketing. Social media marketing is free unlike other digital marketing activities such as PPC advertising, banner advertising or mobile video advertising.

With a strategic and long-term plan towards Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), businesses can harness the power of both Social Media/SEO and pull customers into the marketing funnel.

Clever content marketing via blogs, email newsletters, video tutorials and so on lets companies create a positive image about their company. Good content also gives your website a boost in search rankings as Google tends to give higher value in its index to websites with good quality and original content that is not duplicative.

For example, if you are a specialist bike seller or sell hiking gear, then you might talk about the benefits — both environmental and health — of biking or hiking and thus create more customers for your business. A business such as GoPro and its sports video cameras have been successful because of the ubiquity of Social Media and the desire of people to share their adventures with their peers and everyone else online.

When you choose a company to help you with your offshore Magento development in India, ensure that you are seeing what else they can offer you besides development expertise. See what type of clients they have, portfolio of delivered work, client testimonials, and how they plan to get your Magento Ecommerce site found online. Due diligence and patience is a must whenever you are looking for a good, reliable, and trusted offshore Magento development partner to help you succeed online.

For small and large businesses who want to either enter the Ecommerce segment or up their game if they are already into Ecommerce, offshore Magento development in India offers the best cost-and-quality combination that is simply unbeatable anywhere else in the world. Professional Indian offshore web development companies such as Mind Digital Group have the breadth of web development expertise and digital experts that make offshore Magento development a win-win situation for all the parties involved. To learn more about the many benefits that offshore Magento development can offer you, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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