Key Skills To Add Value In The Web Design And Development Industry

Key Skills To Add Value In The Web Design And Development Industry

By admin July 26, 2017
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The web is dynamic in nature. It keeps changing and evolving with the time. So, those in the industry have no option but to keep pace with the things prone to changes and alterations. More so, those in the profession of web design and development should keep updated with the new trends and technologies in the web to add value to clients and businesses.

What’s more, more companies now look to boost their online presence and for that, they turn to designers and developers. Thus, only those with in-depth knowledge of the domain can really make the difference to web projects of different scales and dimensions. This is how designers and developers are in great demand as they can manage websites and open the world of opportunities for businesses.

Why web designers and developers need to be skillful?

Organizations generally turn to a web development company to get quality web solutions created. This is how they plan to stand out in the digital world and get an edge along the way. After all, only experts can deliver quality and the same holds true in the web industry as well.

Let’s look at how skilled designers and developers create the difference in true sense –

Only skills and expertise can help professionals add value to web projects

Skillful designers and developers are often familiar with every aspect of the technology in vogue

Experts understand the domain well and deliver solutions that create the difference

Knowledgeable developers know how to leverage the power of web and keep organizations ahead

Only skills matter in the web in terms of giving edge to web projects of different scales and dimensions

High quality web projects are only a reality when the developers and designers are familiar with every aspect of the web

Key skills for web designers and developers

If you plan to join the web industry, you should then be ready to have knowledge of some aspects that can help you become a skilled professional. This is the only way to make your presence felt there and help organizations achieve their goals.

Here are skills required in the web industry –

HTML is that markup language whose knowledge is key to enter the world of web design. It’s the very basic skill for professionals to have as it works as a foundation for website building. Both for designers and developers, it’s the first thing to learn to excel in the dynamic web industry. Its understanding is a must-have for even those whose job is mostly with CMS or WYSIWYG editors.

2# CSS
After learning HTML and becoming familiar with the structures of sites, you should shift focus to CSS and know in detail about the visual aspects of the web projects. Both the languages – CSS and HTML – are supposed to be leaned together to know about the style and structure of a web page. So, whether you are a designer or developer (either front-end or back-end), CSS is important for you all.

3# Design elements and principles
If you’re more inclined towards the design side rather than development side, you should then improve the understanding about design elements and principles. Apart from the basic color combination skills, you also need to know a lot about typography best practices, layout principles and right uses of images, layout. The foremost skill is to know how to better the people’s interaction with the site and add value to them.

4# Interactivity of websites
Web developers are supposed to know much about the interactivity of websites. For that, they should have knowledge of JavaScript and the way it interacts with CSS and HTML. Only then can they learn how to create the 3 layers of web design. For front-end developers, JavaScript is the key to excel in the industry by creating quality web apps and websites. Even back-end developers should know JavaScript to make a difference to the web industry.

5# Programming languages
No web developers can succeed beyond a point unless they know one or two programming languages. This is how web pages are programed to function properly. There are JAVA, ASP, PERL and C++ and these programming languages can open the world of prospects for sure. PHP is perhaps the most common of them all for being open source and used extensively. Further, you need to know which language is still in demand in the industry and which is more popular.

6# Mobile support
To excel and sustain in the web world, it’s important to gain knowledge about mobile support. Professionals should learn how websites and apps can support varying devices, shapes and screen sizes and continue to deliver value. Without understanding mobile responsive of websites and web apps, it’s not possible to go deep into the domain and add value. So, web professionals should strive to add as much skills as possible regarding websites’ interactivity and responsiveness with mobile.

7# Search engine optimization
SEO or search engine is a technique to boost the ranking and visibility of websites in search engines. This is basically a way to help sites reach to more people without having to seek promotion and marketing. Thus, web professionals would be better off if they could also learn the basics of SEO and optimization practices. In this, they just have to learn how to bring some changes to the site’s design and structures and make them do well in search engines.

8# Web server knowledge
The performance of websites depends a lot on the servers then run. Despite that, most web professionals don’t give much attention to serve which restricts their expertise to a great extent. These servers respond to things and without knowing them, it’s not possible to enhance the productivity and performance of websites. The focus thus should be on knowing some basic things so that you could solve problems with scripts and programs for web development India. This way, they can also know how to communicate with server admins in a more potent manner.

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