What To Look For In An Offshore Joomla Development Company

What To Look For In An Offshore Joomla Development Company

By admin January 6, 2014
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So you have finally made the decision to create a new website. The question that everyone seems to ask afterwards is the magic question of, which platform or Content Management system (CMS) should I use to develop this website. You have made that difficult decision as well which has taken you time and effort, you have decided to use the Joomla Content Management System. Great stuff! You now want to offshore this work, how do you choose a good offshore development company but more importantly, how do you choose a good offshore development company that has experience with the Joomla CMS. This is no easy task and we are trying to help make this decision a little easier for you. See below for a quick list of what to look for when hiring an offshore Joomla development company.

1) Some of the questions and criteria you should be looking at:

2) The portfolio of the development company should be looked at in detail to see how many actual Joomla projects have they completed

3) These portfolio of projects will confirm the skills of the Joomla developers that are working within the company

4) How many Joomla developers do they have on staff and have you spoken to any of these developers?

5) Are any of these Joomla developers certified and if they are, how long have they been working on the Joomla CMS?

6) Good Joomla developers should have expertise in the CMS, custom programming, theme development, module creation, 3rd party integration, maintenance and support. Ask them for example of some of these custom developments within Joomla that they have made.

7) You should check if the company has 24 X 7 support and what happens if something goes wrong or stops working. How do they plan on supporting this?

8) The company should also provide instant communication channels such as Skype, Video conferencing, Google Talk, Email etc. This will allow you to see the status of projects and control the outputs of your Joomla project.

9) Another important thing to consider is how much are they actually charging? Is it in line with the going market rate and can you afford it?

10) Have you spoken to any of their Joomla clients or references?

11) When looking at an offshore Joomla development company, it is also important their is a mutual understanding of your goals, aims, and objectives. This is critical to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want. Are you on the same page as them?

12) Are they going to develop your Joomla site based around SEO best practices? This is very important to insure that you are getting ranked and generating traffic your website

The above mentioned points should be kept in mind when you are selecting an offshore Joomla development company. There are many companies that offer Joomla development services but only a limited amount of them will be able to deliver exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you are making the right decision and are happy with what you are going to get. If you have any questions or need any Joomla development or any other CMS development assistance, the team at Mind Digital is always willing to help.

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