Mind Digital Group is Now a Google Adwords Partner

By admin April 14, 2016
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Mind Digital takes great pleasure in announcing that it’s now a Google Adwords Partner. This Partner status brings Google’s official stamp of approval to the Mind Digital’s ability and proven credentials as a digital marketing agency. It’s a testimony to an agency’s excellence in delivering digital marketing results to clients across industry verticals. And fittingly so, the Partner status will give Mind Digital a privilege of using a Google Badge whenever and wherever it deems fit.

This recognition is an honour for an agency that, from the very outset, was driven and steadfast in its target to becoming a Google Partner. And now when the target is fulfilled, Mind Digital will gain more trust in the market and deliver superior results to clients through its digital marketing solutions including SEM, Display and Analytics. In a sense, the Partner status comes with an opportunity to pursuing the vision of delivering high-quality online marketing services to clients.

Being just a two-year old start-up, Mind Digital is elated at the achievement as it has come just a month after it became a certified Adwords Partner. The Group feels proud to have fulfilled all the requirements successfully to become a Google Partner. In this journey to becoming a partner, the company tried to meet and exceed Adwords best practices together with adding more experienced people at the business.

With this Partner status, Mind Digital gets access to the Google Partner badge which can be used at a number of places, including website, marketing materials and business cards. In addition, Partner status will help the company leverage a tool – Google Partner Search – and generate new clients and find professionals to for Adwords management. All this is sure to add more value to brand Mind Digital and help it enjoy an elevated status and trust in the market.

To gain Partner status, Mind Digital took every step possible alongside serving clients from across industry verticals and delivering them desired digital marketing results. First, the company achieved certification in Adwords, then met the spend requirement and implemented the best practices in clients account. Mind Digital is aware of the responsibility in the wake of achieving a Partner status and it’s ready to face challenges and meet the expectations of clients.

The group is confident of exceling more in digital marketing domain as it’s mentored and guided by an individual – Yusuf Javed — who is an industry expert. This Partner status is a privilege for an agency whose founder has recently won the prestigious ‘Build India Award’ for his contributions in the development of India. With back to back achievements, Mind Digital feels even more responsible to keep its customers happy through its array of digital marketing services.

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