Mistakes We Often Make While Hiring A Web Development Agency

Mistakes We Often Make While Hiring A Web Development Agency

By admin May 5, 2017
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So, you’re ready to take your business online and enrich it with prospects there. You’re about to approach a web agency for the development of either a website or web-based application so support the goal of the business. But one hitch is there – you’re not sure which kind of agency is approached and what basis? Well, worry not, this problem is quite common in nature and faced by more or less all businesses on the verge of hiring a web agency.

Before hiring any web development company, it’d be good if you know those mistakes most businesses do in this all-important process. Only then can you be cautious and take good decision while hiring the said agency. These are common mistakes most entities do without even realizing but you should not replicate that, else your business prospects might suffer a great deal. After all, only experts can help you get the best of website or app for your business.

Here are common mistakes we often make while hiring a web development agency –

1. Random selection without any coherent plan

In most cases, we do resort to random selection of an agency for our web development projects. Which means, we approach a company and ask for it to make a website ignoring a lot of other things in the process. Good websites won’t happen like that, as it involves some planning and strategy. You just can’t walk into the office of an agency, hire it and hope to get great development services. Make sure you have researched a lot about the agency before approaching it. And never forget conveying it in clear terms your goals and objectives behind getting the website created.

2. Not looking beyond one web agency

The more you search for agencies, the better results you will get. That said, don’t rush into things as web development is a specialized job and you need only experts for that. You have to compare multiple agencies, analyse the technologies used, assess the expertise of the manpower and evaluate quotes. If you are made up the mind to go with an agency without any further analysis, you might not be able to get the best of development services at competitive rates for sure. So, at least check with three four web agencies before taking the final call to minimize the chances of bad selection.

3. Hire developers, not designers

Many companies are yet to understand the subtle difference between hiring developers and designers. This problem arises due to lack of knowledge in regards to web development as a whole. So, you should be clear whom you’re hiring as designers are good at only with the aesthetics and visual aspects of the site, not and never with its technical aspects. Web development is rather a broader term involving coding, testing and framework conversions of designs. So, hire correct and give your projects a competitive edge in the market.

4. Hire web developers, not web platform customizers

Never hire an agency that is only capable of doing CSM customization. Those who are adept only at Drupal or WordPress customization are not the real developers as they lack the genuine technical knowledge we developers possess. They are basically web platform customizers and they don’t know much about developing customized solutions. In fact, these developers don’t have expertize of creating sophisticated apps or websites that enable high-end transactions or customer visits. So, make sure whether the hired professionals do possess all the skills and know-how, together with familiarity with the latest web trends and web technologies.

5. Selection based on the industry-driven parameters

There are agencies that are good at particular industries or segments alone and businesses often trust for obvious reasons. Let for say, some agencies are clients only for travel segment so, they can lure you for being an expert of the domain. Should you benefit from them, considering your industry is different? Such a selection is bad as these agencies get accustomed to working according to a set patterns and standards, therefore not offering any innovation. Rather, go with one that has clients from across industries and knows the way different domains behave.

6. Selection of an agency considering the ‘big is better’

The big is always not better and it holds particularly true for web development works. Many businesses show trust on big agencies expecting great results but they are mistaken, big time. Big players are not known for allocating resources to projects in the same manner as smaller ones do. Plus, they also don’t give the kind of personalization web projects need. Worse still, you cough up a lot more with big players when only a fraction is often charged by small agencies. So, choices are yours to take but do it sensibly to benefit your web projects.

7. Not leveraging outsourcing

It’d wrong to select a web agency based on the location when outsourcing is so big an industry in itself. Plus, by preferring to local, you forsake cost advantages a great deal. An overwhelming majority of web projects are outsourced these days for benefits other than cost. The only benefit that a local agency can give is, you can visit it in person and ask for the same changes which are easy to convey trough the web. So, take a logical step as cost matters and you can’t expect local talents to deliver cost-effective web development solutions.

8. Not giving quality and cost due preference

To give quality a preference, you need to hire only an agency that is proven and whose track record is impeccable. Which means, you should not hire without checking the kind of web development projects delivered by the said agency. You must check the references, ask for clients’ details and contact information, check body of work and then take the final call. Similarly, cost is something that should be a consideration but should never clog the judgement in nay whichever way. Don’t ever give low cost a priority for web development India. It might hurt in the long run.

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