Offshore Development Serving To Be The Cheaper Alternative

Offshore Development Serving To Be The Cheaper Alternative

By admin December 16, 2013
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Offshore development and outsourcing has become a growing trend in the IT/web industry. Earlier outsourcing and offshore development work was used only used mostly by Fortune 1000 companies for IT & customer service related work. What they simply do is hire a company located offshore and make a contract with them to provide customer service or development related support. In some instances they would even open a local office in that market to create offshore capabilities locally. Through this outsourcing and offshore development process they are able to cut down the cost of hiring people, paying them and many other things.

Today, we are seeing that this same trend is being applied primarily in the web, mobile and app development sector for smaller organizations. Before, getting development done was a major challenge but with sites such as Elance, Guru and many more, hiring developers offshore today is easier than ever. Companies are now choosing to hire offshore developers instead of hiring someone in house for development work due to many reasons. The main advantage has been the cost of hiring resources offshore is a cheaper alternative as well as the lack of risk involved for companies. If they have development work they can offshore it and if they don’t, then they don’t have idle staff sitting around waiting for work.

The main driver behind the increase in offshore development is the cheap skilled labor that can be made available globally. The main countries which is seeing a huge growth in offshore development is India, China & the Philippines. This cheap skilled labor is significantly a cheaper alternative than any other country across the world. The main areas where this work is being offshore from is the US, UK, Australia and other parts of mainland Europe. Another advantage for these companies is the time difference in that whilst clients are sleeping in the US for example, work is being done. Weather it is a small software application, a full e-commerce website or even a customized mobile app, offshore development companies are capable of performing any task.

Global competition is increasing everyday and meeting stringent dead lines cost effectively are more difficult than ever. It is critical that companies are able to respond quickly with cost effective timely solutions. When a company needs to deliver the best possible work on a tight deadline at a reduced cost, offshore development with a good company can provide this solution. As always there is risks associated with off-shoring development work, however if you are able to find a good offshore partner then it can be a huge benefit. As always if you need any help, advice, or guidance on any offshore development such as Salesforce, web, mobile, or application work then please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group. We are always providing great, timely, and cost effective offshore development solutions to many companies across the globe.

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