Offshore PHP Developers Is A Good Business Idea

Offshore PHP Developers Is A Good Business Idea

By admin September 19, 2014
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Websites have become an integral part of any business no matter what its size. If you have a business, you need to have a website that speaks about your business values, vision, products and services. Creating or revamping a new website may sound like an easy job but it requires lots of factors to be looked at carefully and taken into consideration. On top of all of this, it can be an expensive and time-taking venture if not done carefully. This is exactly why many business owners across the world are choosing to go hire offshore PHP developers who can provide them with web development services. Many businesses today outsource web development because they want to focus on other core aspects of business along with a whole host of other reasons.

Below, we will take a quick look at why so many businesses are hiring offshore PHP developers through offshore development companies to help them with their varying business needs:

Cost reduction
Hiring a single offshore PHP developer or a team of PHP developers will help you reduce costs to your business. It can cost you up to 50 to 75% less when compared to hiring in the US, UK or Australia for example. A good example is India when it comes to why there is such a big price difference. The cost of labor and cost of living is far less in India and therefore the salary companies pay these PHP development professionals will be less as a result. This cost saving will then be passed on to clients in the West who will hire these development resources from these offshore development companies allowing you to ultimately save money.

An offshore PHP developer will allow you to have lots of flexibility for many reasons. You won’t have to worry about hiring, firing or recruiting headaches. In addition, you can scale up or down your development needs as per your business needs easily without worrying. If you need to add people to your project or remove them, this can be easily done when you are working with an offshore development company who will be providing these offshore PHP developers for your business.

Professional service
Many businesses today are also hiring offshore PHP developers due to the professional service they are getting from offshore web development companies. These offshore companies understand what businesses need along with how to achieve quality results quickly and efficiently. In addition, they have the technological expertise and experience to suggest better options to clients based around the needs that they have. For example, if someone is offering a product or service to 50 clients, then they are more than likely going to have hands-on working experience of good and bad things through the experience they have obtained. This benefit will ultimately be passed on to you as a client.

Complete attention
When you hire an offshore PHP developer you can have that certainty that this PHP development resource is specifically allocated for your project. This will allow you to have not only control of what this development resource is doing, but also the ability to know that complete attention is towards your project. Also, since this is a dedicated PHP development resource, you can communicate with him or her constantly through email, Skype, video-conferencing and so on. This will allow you to have complete control and flexibility over the output that you are receiving making them an actual part of your team.

Technical expertise & more
Hiring a dedicated offshore PHP developer also ensure that you have someone that has the technical expertise to understand and deliver your project. This offshore resource will have the necessary hands-on working experience of delivering quality work to an array of clients across the globe. In addition, another huge benefit you have when you hire an offshore PHP developer is that you can get more than just development advice. You are able to also leverage other parts of an online strategy such as SEO, Social Media, PPC and so on. Ultimately, this is a huge benefit as when you are working with an offshore development company, they can help you with other aspects of your online presence besides just development.

Hiring an offshore PHP developer and working with an offshore development company can greatly benefit your business. Above are just some of the reasons why it makes business sense for you to give it some serious thought when you are considering development options. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced offshore development company who can provide you quality offshore PHP developers, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group. We would be more than happy to help you with any of your development or digital marketing needs.

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