Online Reputation Management To Enhance Your Online Presence

Online Reputation Management To Enhance Your Online Presence

By admin October 28, 2014
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You have spent years creating a picture perfect reputation for your brand in the market and one fine morning you wake up to find that your brand’s reputation has gone down the drain as some malicious online comments or slanderous illogical remarks have been made about you online. Whether you are a well-known Ecommerce company or even a small business, it would be truly unsettling to find that your sales and brand reputation suffering as a result of your negative online reputation. This is where Online Reputation Management comes in to play and is something that can help. It is a very effective and efficient way to help you solve an online reputation crisis that many companies sometimes face.

Many companies and people are unfortunately ignorant of the importance of managing their online reputation. It might come as a shock to them how an online reputation can make or break a brand image. You might ask, “Why are these people posting bad comments against us?” or “What will they gain from doing it?”. The most logical answer is that they might be your company rivals or lobbyists who are holding an active campaign against you to encourage the sales of their own services or products. These people aim to critically damage a company or even profit by shortening your stock. It might do huge damage to your brand if you neglect negative comments on your company especially during the initial phase. Today, everyone researches companies online and these slanderous comments whether true or not will seriously damage your online reputation. Therefore, it is even more important in this day and age to take Online Reputation Management seriously.

Is Online Reputation Management expensive or cost effective? As a matter of fact, Online Reputation Management is not at all costly in comparison to the harm that negative comments can cause. Thanks to today’s highly online focused world, any crisis can quickly become an online reputation crisis unfortunately. Even if esteemed publications do not report such crisis stories but a blog or Social Media website does, it can cause serious harm to you. The first thing you should do to prevent any type of crisis beforehand is by hiring an effective Online Reputation Management firm that knows what they are doing. They will keep tabs on your website, Social Media sentiment and other online channels to ensure that a positive brand image is being conveyed at all possible times. Some of the key benefits of working with an Online Reputation Company are as follows:

You can know what customers are saying about your company, products and services through sentiment and advanced analysis tools

Ability to benchmark against your competition

Increase brand value of your products and services by addressing or engaging with customers

Integrate reviews on your website

Increase rankings across search engines, online shopping portals and many other credible sites

Increase your online brand value which will lead to more sales/referrals

Connect With Your Customers Through Online Reputation Management

Communicate with your customers & know they say about you: Online Reputation Management helps you to know what is being said about you on review sites and respond accordingly. It also provides you an opportunity to engage with your potential customers and better understand them.

Listen to & respond to customer reviews: Positive reviews comes from your happy customers but that does not mean that you can simply avoid the negative ones. Consider all reviews, be it positive and negative as an opportunity to start a fruitful conversation. Negative mentions act like guides to improve service at your company by rectifying errors done in the past. Most importantly, you get the opportunity to react quickly and wisely to negative feedback. This shows you respect and value customer feedback no matter what it is.

Increased image & enhanced brand value: Satisfied customers are your biggest assets. Once they are confident that you take their responses seriously, they become loyal to you. While they keep coming back to your site, they also talk about your products with their colleagues and friends which leads to more sales and positive brand image. Make your customers your brand ambassadors; raise your company’s brand value without making a huge investment in marketing.

Some Tactics Used By Online Reputation Management Companies

Improving the tagging and Search Engine Optimization of company-published materials such as white papers and positive customer testimonials in order to push down negative content

Publishing original, positive websites and Social Media profiles with the aim of outperforming negative results in a search

Submitting online press releases to authoritative websites in order to promote brand presence and suppress negative content

Getting mentions of the business or individual in third-party sites that rank highly in various search engines

Proactively offering free products to prominent reviewers

Proactively responding to public criticism stemming from recent changes

Working with a good Online Reputation Management company that knows what they are doing can really help your brand and overall sentiment online. Your reputation online matters and is something that needs to be taken seriously before it is too late. If you are looking for a forward-thinking, reliable and trusted Online Reputation Management company that can help your brand online, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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