OpenCart Development – An Incredibly Powerful E-commerce Platform

OpenCart Development – An Incredibly Powerful E-commerce Platform

By admin July 2, 2014
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E-commerce has truly changed the way people do business today and it has made itpossible for many people to start their own businesses online. The cost of setting up your business was one of the biggest reasons why people shied away from starting their own venture but E-commerce portals have made it possible for someone to start a business with minimal investment. As a result, it has led to tens of thousands of people realizing their dreams of becoming successful entrepenuers throught the power of the Internet.

The low cost of setting up an E-commerce business has been made possible by open source web solutions such as OpenCart. People are opting to choose OpenCart development as its free to use and it offers most of the features that almost any size E-commerce business would require. In addition, OpenCart is constantly being updated with even more features so choosing OpenCart development is a great choice amongst all the E-commerce platforms.

Powerful Features Offered by OpenCart
The superb range of features offered by the platform is one of the primary reasons OpenCart has amassed so many users so quickly. OpenCart is fully documented and open source which means that you get to use it for free and can easily change any aspect of it. In addition, since OpenCart development can be done in PHP, it is very easy for a developer who knows PHP to customize based around your business needs.

For those who do not desire such advance functionalities, the solution offers a ready to use out of the box solution for starting your own E-commerce website. OpenCart is loved by basic users as well as an advanced web expert as it manages to offer a whole range of services for all users. OpenCart is a great development choice and has many features such as the following:

Easily set as many categories and list as many products as you want

Change the look of your website quickly with templates

Supports multiple languages and multiple currencies

Is great for selling physical as well as digital (downloadable) products

Allows you to easily implement special rates and discount codes

Easy to promote through SEO

Lets your users create and print invoices with great ease

Generates sales report after the time interval you specify automatically

Huge pool of OpenCart developers as its built in PHP

Many updates and plugins available

Secure, reliable and trusted by thousands of people across the world

Discounts, coupons, one-page checkouts and more easily available

OpenCart has an active community of developers that have drastically changed the way the platform works. Through upgrades and plugins, they have ensured that OpenCart is perfect for almost everyone. It is a secure and high performance solution that can be used to host as large or as small an E-commerce website as you want. The modular nature of the solution means that you can easily add or remove features from the website without breaking anything or causing any problems. OpenCart development is a great choice when looking for a reliable solution for almost all your E-commerce needs.

Just because OpenCart is free does not mean that it is in any inferior to paid E-commerce products. In fact, the complete control that the system offers users means that you can set up your online shop just the way you like it. Every aspect of the solution is customizable and thus you never have to worry about any part of the website. If you do not like a default service, replace it with a third party plugin and if no plugin exists that meets all your requirements, an OpenCart developer can easily create a plugin for you. For just the cost of what a development team will take to create your website, you can have an entire business ready and that is the biggest reason why you should take a long hard look at OpenCart development as a great E-commerce choice. If you need any help with your OpenCart development or any other type of developmet, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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