Seo Trends To Keep A Watch On In 2017

By admin January 15, 2017
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We’re already into a new year with lots of promises and prospects to live by. Like always, new SEO trends and speculation are flying thick and fast waiting for our attention. We know this year will definitely give us some new search engine optimization trends and shifts to grapple with but it will also have several of old tricks as well.
In 2017 as well, we can expect the SEO landscape to remain as dynamic as we often anticipate it to be. Clearly, the real genius lies in playing this game well and trying to stay one step ahead of others. To do this, we got to know how search engines and its optimization strategies are actually changing.


Time to adjust your SEO strategy?

We know like any other years in the past, search engines won’t sit idle; rather they will keep moving and you got to keep pace with them. In fact, you’re supposed to do a few of things strictly, including –

You need to adjust your SEO strategy in order to align business’ aspirations with optimization evolutions

Work upon the content strategy to be relevant to the market in the same manner as you have been earlier

You need to be constantly moving to catch up with the changes the SEO industry is going to witness


SEO trends to keep a watch on in 2017

Well, your business needs to keep a tab on the changing trends that SEO industry is supposedly going through. Only this can ensure success with optimization efforts.

Here’s a list of SEO trends to watch this year –


1. HTTPS switch is going to have more heft

Security is a big concern and nobody wants to face its tentacles anymore. Users or buyers want to have a secure experience with any website they visit. They want their data to be safe and protected. This is where the utility of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) grows as it helps keep the data exchange between a compute and website secure. Clearly, websites need to take a switch to HTTPS which is not only cost effective but brings the desired level of security. The best part, it’s now a ranking signal and escaping it would be akin to losing ranking points!


2. Long-form content to stay here

A section of experts now believe that the privilege long-term content once got is fading gradually, which is a wrong strand to hold on to. Rather, such content still does deliver good results and continues to do well in the search results. So, you should continue with those 2,000 words pieces to add value to readers and visitors alike. Since you dig deep, your visitors find more enrichment, information and value out of the content. This is where a major fillip to leads, sales and revenue is achieved. So, don’t switch back to anything else than long-form content!


3. Social media to produce more referral traffic

We can see and experience how social media continues to grow in scale and usages worldwide. These platforms have become a source of finding products and services and they are a great place to get customer support. Even brands are active there engaging with their audience and adding quick value through a two-way communication channel. All this is becoming a source of some really quality referral traffic.


4. UX continue to bring SEO benefits

Providing a pleasant user experience (UX) is something which won’t go out of fashion, ever. It has been having a wonderful impact on SEO and the trend is not going to slacken a bit this year as well. So, the more your visitors stay on the site, the more than feel engaged and then more they get value, the less you will you bounce rate. This is how conversion rates get a boost.


5. Mobile-first strategies to take centre-stage

Traffic from mobile devices continue to grow at a phenomenal rate and the use of smartphones or hand-held devices too has rocketed off to a new level. So, given the scale of traffic, it’d be a mistake not to consider mobile users first in designing layouts and offers. So, you have to leverage the virtues of responsive design from the very start to tap into a fast-growing marketplace.


6. Links will be as helpful as earlier

You can expect links to be as potent a ranking signal this year as it ever has been before. There is absolutely no need to rejig your link strategy and neither should you hanker for that. Rather, focus on creating quality content so that more people shape it and crave to link to it. Together will adding to your blog posts, try to also come up with engaging and in-depth case studies and infographics to win links naturally for longer that you’d expect.


7. Dense content to gain more traction

Although long-from content is not going to go out of vogue anytime soon for the kind of value they bring, there is a feeling that a new trend may emerge this year that may ignore the length in favour of value. Which means, you can see a rise of dense content where the focus would be offering readers or visitors as much information, value and enrichment as possible in the smallest possible space. This is how wordy pieces with no value would be left useless for sure.


8. Voice Search to gain momentum

This year, you could see voice search gaining momentum on the back of rising usages of mobile and advancements of technology. Typing is going to be passé and talking to the talk will be the in-thing this year. This trend is going to get benefit from Google Home and Amazon Eco. So, buyers can order anything even without lifting a finger and this will simplify the use of technology for sure.

In overall, SEO is evolving every year and we should expect the trend to continue in the same vein in 2017 as well. So, hire a proven SEO company in India to embrace those changes and leverage optimization to the core.

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