Six Reasons Why India Is A Special Offshoring Zone

Six Reasons Why India Is A Special Offshoring Zone

By admin March 19, 2014
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Outsourcing and offshoring are widely credited by economists with having been one of the major reasons for the growth in global trade. Offshoring is a win-win solution for both countries participating in it. Consider the offshoring of manufacturing, it creates jobs in developing nations such as India while eliminating some low-end jobs from developed countries like America. For people in those developed nations who are affected by outsourcing, they have the option to re-train themselves and move on to higher paying white-collar jobs.

India is a stellar destination for offshoring. Here’re six reasons why that is so:

1. India has a great culture of being able to absorb external influences such as English. With higher education in India in many universities being imparted in English, India’s technical professionals as a result are fluent in the English language. This removes the language barrier that American companies might face while offshoring to other destinations.

2. India is a modern constitutional republic and a democracy with a robust judiciary. Hence, disputes are resolved in a predictable fashion. There’s no guesswork involved as it has a statutory framework in place and aggrieved parties have freedom to approach the judiciary.

3. India offers extraordinary cost competitiveness. With the low cost of living in India, Indian professionals are able to thrive at a lower income level compared to their Western counterparts. This is a significant advantage for India as a global offshore destination.

4. India has a great diversity in terms of skills. With more than 1,000 universities and a million engineers coming out of technical institutions yearly, India boasts of a wide variety of technical professionals. Therefore, companies from all across the spectrum find reasons to offshore to India. India has finance professionals who do the work of CFAs. Legal research work is offshored to Indian legal professionals. Tax filing work is offshored to India. Advanced manufacturing including aircraft parts is offshored to India. Online tutoring happens out of India. Indian medical professionals perform as offshore radiologists interpreting MRIs and CT scans. India has highly skilled medical professionals who have in many cases taken advanced training in American institutions and worked in major American university hospitals.

5. Since India produces an abundance of engineers, MCAs, MBAs, and other professionals, it means that there is no shortage of skilled professionals. The competition for jobs ensures that professionals acquire all the latest skills that are in high demand.

6. In terms of web development, India has skilled professionals in all aspects of web development. There is iPhone App development, Joomla development, Drupal development, WordPress development and anything else you can think of that is web related.

Apart from the above advantages, India has major international airports connected to all the major cities of the world. There is a large Indian Diaspora settled in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere. As a nation with 1.3 billion people or about one-sixth of humanity, India is a significant member of the global community.

There is competition among Indian states to attract foreign investment. New cities are trying to attract offshoring companies to use its talented IT professionals. For companies trying to weigh India as an offshoring destination, there is a wide choice of cities inside India.

All of these reasons and more make India quite a special offshoring zone. If you need any help or assistance with any of your offshoring needs then please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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