Structured Data Google Penalties – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

By admin November 23, 2018
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You may well know how structured data allow the search engines to not only crawl but also analyse the site correctly or properly. You also understand how search engines not find it easy to deal with web page content and face issue in decoding it easily. However, manual action is resulted when an incorrect implementation of data takes place.

Worse still, a loss of ranking may also be the result in case proper attention to detail is there with data and their implementation. And this may well affect the site considerably as far as its visibility on the web is concerned.

The Google’s guidelines have clearly laid out instructions regarding structured data and any misunderstanding or any mistake in not reading them can easily lead to structured data penalty. Manual actions or span penalties can happen if spamming was not the goal in the first place. But yes, even a small mistake may be considered a spam.

It’s therefore essential to know how things can go wrong to make sure the mistakes are not repeated, and penalties are avoided. Even if adding structured data is a good idea, you must avoid an incorrect implementation. Else, it can lead to a manual action and you may regret the loss of rakings just for not paying attention to details.

You must also understand that structured data penalties can be caused by even a simple misunderstanding or by not reading the guidelines of Google. For that reason, you must know how things can go wrong so that you can prevent repeating the same mistakes other have done.

Here are some of common structured data Google mistakes that you can avoid –

1. Using inappropriate structured data
Making the right choice for structured data is key to avoiding penalties. So, it makes sense not to use inappropriate data and lead yourself to penalties. This kind of mistake generally happens when structured data meant for a product is used by a company that is offering a service. This may look innocuous but even this seemingly trivial mistake can invite manual penalty from Google. So, avoid being wrong with the use of structured data and let penalties pass by you.

2. Structured Data Not Matching with the Content of the Page
It’s possible that the structured data used don’t match with the content of the page in some cases. This is a mistake and it can invite manual penalty from Google. As per the standard guidelines, any information, no matter where it’s used, must be made – visible without any deviation – on the page visible to the users. Any diversion regarding using different data while showing anther is a mistake you must avoid.

3. Not Following the Guidelines for a Specific Data
Penalties can also happen in case where the guidelines are not followed for specific data. This may happen in cases where failure happens in reading the developer page for the data types that are specific and leads to issues. These errors may also lead to manual penalty which is never a good thing to bear. For that reason, you must double check the developer pages of Google to know what is correct and what is not deemed worthy of use.
In fact, it does not take more than 5-10 minutes in reading those instructions as it can even save weeks of penalties. You can read one of those developer pages meant to the type of content you aim to use. This is how you can avoid being penalized.

4. Not Reviewing the General Guidelines of Structured Data
Penalty is there for cases where there is a failure in reviewing the general guidelines of structured data. You should know there is not only the guidelines related with specific data types but also for covering the use of structured data. A good understanding of these policies can save you from being penalized, so you must make the effort in the right direction.
More importantly, you must understand that your structured data may not be correct even if being validated by the Structured Data Testing Tool of Google. It’s therefore essential to get acquainted with the guidelines and polices of Google regarding the general structured data.

5. Taking Shortcuts or Using Manipulative Behaviour may invite penalty
Penalty may also happen in case you use shortcuts or engage in any manipulative behaviour regarding the use of structured data. Such cases generally happen when the actual content of the structured data is not used, and dubious data are used in its place to gain visitors. You must also not hide the schema of the page, neither the reviews or stars and show them as marked-up. Quality may also cause the rich snippet’s loss and you must understand that well. You however can consult a top digital marketing company to avoid these mistakes and penalties as well easily.

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