The Most Important Factors For Successful E-commerce SEO

The Most Important Factors For Successful E-commerce SEO

By admin March 18, 2014
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Many things need to be considered when integrating your E-commerce and SEO strategy so that they work as cohesively. The way to integrate SEO features into your E-commerce site is by having an SEO consultant as part of the core team of web designers, developers, and information architects. As an example, your Developers need to be aware of duplicate content issues and how to resolve them. Products on the E-commerce store should be organized by category and sub-category. This improve the E-commerce website’s optimization. Conduct keyword research of both your website and competitor websites. Remember that “long tail keywords” is where most of the action lies in terms of search. Make sure your website has breadcrumb navigation. Having descriptive meta tags that include prompts such as ‘find out more about’ is an essential technique. It’s a must to write Img Alt Tags. This helps non-visual readers such as vision-impaired consumers. There are so many things to keep track of it can be quite intimidating hence the reason for having an SEO consultant can surely easy these headaches.

While SEO and automation used together can have negative connotations, for E-commerce websites with thousands of products, it is important to facilitate automation whereby programmers can automate on-site elements such as title tags. User generated content should be leveraged to help improve the site’s ranking. Since user generated content tends to be original and fresh, this improves the site from an SEO perspective. Allow buyers to write product reviews and testimonials. This creates a community of happy users and convinces visitors that they can trust you. Help visitors spread the word about all the products on your site by integrating social media on product pages. Also, this will help you avoid using manufacturer product descriptions which can lead to duplicate content which is a no-no from an SEO perspective.

You can maintain a blog where you talk about new products and offers and have an FAQ page that helps answer the most frequent queries of your users.

Optimized product pictures and videos should be used on the site as the quality of your product pictures can influence how visitors feel about your product. Make sure customers feel comfortable sharing their financial information on your site. Prominently display the logos and text certifying that you comply with security standards (SSL/Visa). It’s better to offer peace of mind to visitors rather than take the security aspects of the website for granted.

Mobile and smartphone usage is growing like crazy. This trend will only persist. For E-commerce retailers, the website should be optimized for mobiles via using responsive web design or having dedicated mobile sites.

If you have local presence apart from being an online retailer, then your business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP) for all locations should be present on your website. All the branches should be listed on Google Local Business via a Google+ page. You should allow reviews and rating on each branch of your business. This will be displayed by Google when someone searches for a local branch of your business.

These are some of the basic E-commerce techniques that should be taken care of at a minimum to ensure survival and growth for your business in the online commerce space. If you need any help or assistance with your SEO strategy, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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