Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Web Development

By admin September 28, 2017
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Web development is evolving at a rapid rate. Its focus now switches towards enhancing user experience. And we know more people us mobile these days to access the web. Which means, websites with improved user interface are going to stay at the top of pyramid while the rest have a deep climb towards winning the trust of users.
The trend in web development is clearly towards enhancing user experience which is a work-in-progress yet a model adopted by some major tech and social media giants in the industry. This is where the need of artificial intelligence (AI) is felt as it’s a pioneering technology with a big future.
More tech companies now look to leverage AI and some of examples of the features to use include voice and deepface recognition. This shows how much personalization matters and how much businesses want to add value to customers and boost their web experience.

Artificial Intelligence and its role

Every second tech company can be heard discussing about artificial intelligence and how it can be the real driving force for them. There is some merit in all the buzz and bytes related to AI and more industries are looking set to embrace its virtues. Before you too jump in the bandwagon, it’d be better to know the concept inside out.

Let’s look at AI and its role –

It’s one the most talked-about technologies in the world today with potential to change the way human interact with machines and web-enabled devices

It’s about virtual robots being integrated with technology to simply lives and add value to societies worldwide

It’s a piece of technology intended to boost between technology and humans today

Artificial intelligence is set to change the way humans interact with all types of machines, including websites

AI is used to create machines and tools capable of producing intelligent response

It’s about adding a new dimension to user experience

Brands look to leverage AI to cater customers in more personalized way and win their trust

Businesses across industries are set to implement the merits and virtues of AI to deliver more value to end users

Any industry can benefit from AI and witness a complete transformation to its operations and fortunes

Artificial Intelligence and future

AI is the hottest piece of technology around. Some say it is already a 150 billion entity while others predict that it will influence close to three-fourth of customer interaction in next two to three years. All this talk is exciting enough and they are not without merits.

Let’s look at how AI will have a rosy future in coming years –

More businesses search for ways to impact customer interaction

Superior customer or user experience will drive more companies towards AI

Chat bots are already touted to create a big difference to the way customer’s retail needs are met

The technology will be well received by enterprises looking to enhance the use experience of their websites

AI will change the way customers and businesses will interact with each other

Web development and Artificial Intelligence

We know web development India is evolving and expanding with a rapid rate. Although it has been catering users with aplomb, there are ways to make it even more beneficial in the days to come. It can start leveraging AI so that users can be delivered with superior experiences and personalized services in an easy manner.

Here are some of ways for web development to benefit from AI –

1. Better Reply Predictions
The use of AI is sure to enrich businesses with better reply predictions. We have already seen how chat bots can predict customer reactions in a successful way. These bots have proved to be extremely beneficial so far particularly in the way to easing the communication process. Using these bots, it’s possible for machine to decipher human emotions as communication can be made more natural than mechanical. In a sense, it’s possible to create websites or web-enabled devices using artificial intelligence that will communicate with emotions in an effective manner. So, in coming days, users find it easier to interact with websites with all barriers of communication laid to rest.

2. Superior Customer Experience
It’s possible for businesses to develop websites using AI and reach in a position to understand user’s needs in a better way. Such advanced sites will be able to sense the mood of the customers well and can know their preferences in an easy manner. Websites can leverage cognitive analysis and environments in a better way and they can benefit from statistical analysis to predict the best user experience. Errors can be minimized and customers can be delivered with desired value and experience. Above all, websites will be able to process data and information on any scale to serve the interest of end users in a perfect manner.

3. Voice-based search to rise in demand
Website development has to take into consideration the rise and growth of voice-based search. It has to understand how users want information quicker and easily that they have been doing all those years. Artificial intelligence will become a key constituent of web development in enabling seamless voice conversation between users and websites. The technology is going to be a must-have in every virtual shopping experience and e-commerce players have to watch it out. All this suggests how AI will be indispensable to online existence, particularly in cases where businesses are into engaging with customers at any level.

4. Personalized in-store experience
Customers are set to having superior in-store experience. They can expect a unique and personalized store experience with sites using AI. Any business can hire a top web development company India and get developed a website offering a great web experience to users. Such sites can take user engagement and interaction to an all new level. Buyers can feel like shopping with humans in real sense as websites can understand their requirements in a perfect manner. Clearly, customers can raise their expectations levels and hope to get their catered in the best way possible.

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