Useful Link Building Techniques That’ll Increase Your Search Rankings

By admin April 14, 2018
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Being on the first page of search engines is easier said than done. The same goes for improving a website’s visibility and ranking on the web. All this needs consistent effort on your part, or you could turn to link building and weave the magic easily. However, you need to understand that link building is a constantly evolving route to benefiting from search engines.
Rules and methods and techniques of link building tend to change almost every month leaving you mostly befuddled. Some people even try dubious means to gain mileage out of link building but this might get their site penalized or worse still, banned on search engines. So, being careful and not relying too much on traditional tactics can help a lot.

Here are some useful link building techniques to boost your website’s rankings in search engine –

1. Internal Links
Internal links continue to benefit a lot when it comes relying on powerful link building techniques. Some people ignore it as they think its utility is lost but this is not the case. Such links can boost page authority in a big way and help pass benefits to other pages in equal manner. With internal links, you can expect to cut down the overall bounce rate of the site.
By choosing internal links as your link building technique, you can give a boost to the site’s indexation and crawl ability. Such links can also send traffic to older blog posts to boost their exposure in a big way. With relevant content and internal links, it’s very much possible to have an improvement to keyword rankings of the site.

2. Building Links from Trusted Sites
Search results have improved considerably over the years. Spam sites no longer find any relevance with search engines so staying away from them is the only mantra for your link building technique. On the other hand, you can boost your site’s authority and take it to top of search results by building links from trusted sites only. With backlinks from a reputed site, search engines will assume your site to have authority in that particular domain.
For that reason, sites mentioning Wikipedia within their content have superior authority and backlink count. Similarly, links from spammy sites are not give any weightage by search engines so they lose their rankings and visibility. With backlinks, being relevant is the only strategy that works so you should not deviate from that. Apart from link quality, you should also pay attention to the frequency with which such links are built as being too quick can mar your rankings as well.

3. Infographics
Leveraging infographics is also one of powerful link building techniques to improve your site’s visibility in search engines. They are very helpful way to promote links and increase your reach on the web. However, not all infographics will fetch the desired results as you have to understand what works and how to get it done for maximum benefits. Keeping it simple and relevant has to be the first thing you should go with infographics.
More so, the size should not exceed the standard else infographics may not load as quickly as they should. The focus should be on creating a story with infographics, adding facts and figures and mentioning sources to make it authentic for search engines. Graphs and charts can also create the difference when used in a subtle manner. Using some variation of keywords can also make your infographics worthy of winning links form rich sources.

4. Blog Commenting for Back Links
Getting backlinks from the industry is still very helpful link building technique. This is easy and hassle-free, and it ensure relevant backlinks with minimum efforts. There has to be a solid strategy on your part for blog commenting as being random can spoil prospects. You make it a point to include the URL while going for commenting. Plus, you can put resources to comment on quality blogs always.
With blog commenting as your link building weapon, you can boost traffic to the site apart from building relationships with the blogs. This tactic is also helpful in building credibility and branding for the site and getting positive attention from the niche and audience and blog owners alike. Being regular and frequent can help a lot with your blog commenting and it can ensure you good links along the way as well.

5. Sharing Content on Social Media
How about link building through social media? It can be as effective your best SEO service from an expert. Needless to say, it will be an effective strategy with opportunities to get quality links from social sites. To use this strategy successfully, you however first need to find your audience on social media and then start the act. The focus should also be on looking for engagement through right topics.
Further, you have to create high-quality content which is suitable to the audience. If the content is engaging and interesting, your audience will help it spread and then building quality links won’t be an issue for sure. The same content can be run across different social channels to intensify the benefits with the same effort. So, rely on social media and build the link to improve rankings and visibility of your site.

6. Link Building with Videos
Videos are all over the web. They are also proving to be quite effective in link building. You can leverage self-host videos on your site for getting quality links. Similarly, they can be shared on social media pages for benefits. Your site’s rankings will definitely get a boost when video is used in your link building strategy.

To build backlinks with video, you just have to ensure quality and engaging content and their sharing on site or social media pages. The task is easy and you won’t need any digital marketing company doing it for yourself. It’s about getting quality videos winning you links and boosting your site’s ranking and visibility in search engines with little effort and investment.

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