Why Video Marketing Is Valuable For Brands In 2017

Why Video Marketing Is Valuable For Brands In 2017?

By admin June 12, 2017
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Videos are everywhere, it seems. From general users to major brands, they have captured the imaginations of one and all. They are clearly outweighing texts, images, infographics and other mediums of transmitting messages. In recent times, their usage have risen to a spectacular level and now businesses – big and small alike – want to have them as a marketing tool.

Video marketing is the new buzzword these days and it has every reason to be the same. More digital marketers look to leverage videos to score well across digital platforms and keep their marketing strategies fruitful. All this is happening for just one simple reason – lots of people watch videos online, perhaps more than any other activity they do over the web!

Here are a few stats and data related to videos that would leave you surprised for sure –

Close to 3 billion people view online videos worldwide

Online video contributes three-forth or a staggering 75% of total traffic

8 out of ten consumers surveyed in a study said to prefer watching videos to reading product description

3 in four people now prefer to make a purchase after watching a video online

Computers and mobile phones are two of the most used devices people trust in watching videos

Social networks like Facebook see more video uploads than earlier

The number of people watching YouTube and Snapchat videos have already crossed 10 billion-views-a-day mark

A study found that the businesses that use video marketing last year will up their budget this year

Video marketing is now among the most preferred tools for brand communication across platforms

Clearly, brands now understand the utility and advantages of leveraging video marketing and they are ready to take the plunge. After all, this way of digital marketing delivers impressive ROI and lets users understand their products or services in a better way.

Video marketing and brands in 2017

More brands use video marketing than they did last years. A big spike in budget among brands is also a reason that suggests the upward trends this form of marketing will experience in 2017. Thus, businesses have everything to feel optimistic about.

Let’s look at how brands can benefit from trends in video marketing –

1. Video marketing on social media
There is absolutely no doubt that the future of video marketing is on social media. These platforms are the place where users love to share, engage, interact and get dosages of enrichment and entertainment together. Almost all popular social platforms allow users to post videos and help take ideas to farther places. Social sites have a massive userbase and posting videos there means giving your brand a big push for sure.
Similarly, social media has to be the perfect platform for brands to take their business communications and messages to the right target audience. They can lace the messages with engaging and entertaining videos and hope to win the attention of the audience. Social networks are a powerful way to connect to an audience base you otherwise will need a lot of money for. So, hire a right digital marketing company India and leverage the power of the social.

2. Videos for storytelling
Brands do spend a lot of money to connect to the audience and get their attention. They can fail at it when a right strategy is not in place and an engaging tool is not used. This is where videos stand out as they have the power to entertain, enrich and engage the audience in equal manner. A clever and tactical video marketing campaign can go a long way to capturing the attention of users on the internet.
Further, videos are an extremely effective tool to weave a story and give users something exciting to consume. This is how a story is carried forward and brand messages get across in an easy manner. The best part, videos can go viral, bring more people in fold and cross geographies. You can also make an emotional connect with the audience by twisting your stories likewise and hope to rich handsome dividends on the internet.

3. Multi-device video marketing
One of best things about video marketing is their utility and suitability for a variety of devices. This way, brands can easily reach to a wider and bigger audience and get their messages across. Your campaign can target audience using devices as varied as smart phones, tablet, and laptop or desktops thereby taking the messages to more people. With more devices will come superior reach adding great value to your brand value and in the process, enhancing the reach.
Similarly, brands can take their story to people irrespective of the device of choice and plus, there is social media as well. In fact, you can target the audience on-the-run and give them something really engaging to give you the much-needed attention. Clearly, video marketing is something that can give your more options and avenues to target people and seek prospects out of them. This is how brand building efforts pay off in a big way.

4. Leverage live streaming of videos
Live streaming of videos is a trend that has caught a lot of attention of brands in recent times. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, anyone can do live stream videos and add a new dimension to digital marketing. This technique helps you merge the powers of social media and videos together and reach to a wider audience. It’s also quite significant and opens the door for more prospects and opportunities for brands irrespective of their scale.
Further, more brands now understand the power and reach of live video streaming and the ever-growing usages of this technique suggests the same. This tool is also helping to connecting with the audience live and showing them all what is behind the scenes. Live competition can be held, events can be telecast and other similar events can be hosted to keep users engaged. This is how digital marketing India can benefit when you know the purpose of live streaming of videos.

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