Which Is Better for Your Website: Backlinks or Content?

By admin August 24, 2020
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Well, this is a potent question that torments the mind of every digital marketer or SEO expert at one point or the other!
Afterall, in order to survive the cut-throat competition prevailing online one can leave no stones unturned and there is hardly any scope for mistakes here.
Therefore getting an answer to this question has become a necessity.
But prior to delving into it, let’s understand what contents and backlinks are and what they actually mean to the most crucial factor for any business – the audience.

So what are Contents?

Online contents are created on the web and survive on the web to attract search engine traffic and relevant audience to your site or blog. SEO contents are available in various forms –

  • • Blog Posts
  • • Product Pages
  • • Lists
  • • Articles
  • • Guides
  • • Infographics
  • • Videos
  • • Directories
  • • Glossaries

So now that you know about contents, let’s try to comprehend what backlinks are!

What are Backlinks?

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The backlinks are also known as the incoming or inbound links or one way links which connect one site to a page on another site. They are considered as up votes for particular pages which tell search engines that this content is valuable and credible. So pages with greater number of backlinks tend to have higher search engine rankings.
Now let’s try to answer the question that is asked – Which one between the content and backlink is better?
To analyse that, you have to first understand what each offers for the benefit of the site and therefore the online presence of your business.
Here are some of the major points.

• Contents are the Only Means to Reach Your Audience

Now as one knows customers are the king and for any business in any domain to survive, it is imperative to let the target audience know and get interested about the brand. Only then they can convert to customers later.
Contents are the sole thing for which this audience are going to visit your site in the first place. These are what drive impressions after engaging users with your site, get people interested about your product or service, make them fill up lead forms and consequently generate sales or conversions.
If there is no content then you can never expect your website to attract backlinks for you or source you.
If you are the first business ever to provide any particular product or service then it is the only exception. But at that time you will get natural press and major media than backlinks.
Again, you should also understand that backlinks to product categories and pages can never be natural links and unless you are the manufacturer, they cannot also occur naturally.
Even in the later case, the news sites will source the company and Home Page as opposed to the category page.

• Backlinks Improve the Referral Traffic

Now if your site achieves links from other sites, then as said earlier it implies that the contents there are valuable and are enriching readers in one way or the other. As a result of that, your site will automatically achieve a higher rank in the search engine.
Now if your content is not that good, your proactive skill can help you in such a case. But it is quite challenging if the content is not at all creditable.

• Contents Define the Page Topic

The page context can be defined by the usage of proper contents. Contents also define the page topic through the title tags and header.
On the other hand, when proper keywords are used, the backlinks only offer some hints about the contents of the page topic.

• Backlinks Enable Faster Indexing of the Page

The search crawlers actually find you easily thanks to backlinks. Without backlinks, the search engine spiders will find it difficult to find your site.
That is why it is especially recommended for newer sites to get backlinks as they help in the faster site discovery and indexing.

• Contents Are the Reason for People to Link

The reason why many consider contents to be more important is that people need a reason to link naturally to your site and the well-curated contents provide them with exactly that.
Be it an illuminating tutorial video, a resourceful or informative article or just an exciting quiz or even an engaging podcast – you now have something to encourage people to link to you.
Only through good contents you can attract links and generate organic traffic and make everything look veritable.

• Backlinks Enhance Authority

When you earn backlinks from the sites that have enough credibility and are considered to be of high-quality, you naturally improve the page and domain authority of your site. This is one of the crucial ranking factors considered by Google.

• Contents Build Structure of the Site

Each and every site must have a well-organised structure. Herein comes contents that help in building the architecture and structure of your site.
But understand that rank sculpting and site structure are not same. The former is done only for SEO.
On the other hand, contents assist in building a natural internal linking structure. It is great for guiding the visitors to a variety of resources.
The purchasing decisions can also be influenced by contents. You can do that by presenting relevant info in the form of tables or charts that can be compared.
One of the most essential roles of contents is that when you make contents diligently and meticulously ridden with fresh information, they can assist search engines in discovering the most important pages on the website.
Not just that, these also come to the rescue and help the site visitors access the content kind that they are looking for when they search online with the subject.

Ultimate Verdict

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that contents are the pillars for any website which empower it to emerge and ensemble the various factors like impressions, visits, backlinks, the traffic and much more that are imperative for its survival and success.
Without contents there will be no links, no audience or visitors and no online presence for any business. They work across the channels from media coverage to PPC and SEO and even for building referral traffic for accomplishing these.
It is for this reason that it is often said that contents and customers are the ultimate kings for any online business.
Therefore when asked to choose between the 2, contents are the clear winner.
But backlinks have a key role to play to help the site crawl up the search engines and also build authority which is crucial for gaining higher ranks naturally.
Hence the experts of the top Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai corroborate that both contents and backlinks are critical aspects for the success of the website.
That is why they bring in the best of both worlds for turning your site into a digital juggernaut that both search engines and users will love and trust.

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