Why Go With An Offshore Web Development Company

Why Go With An Offshore Web Development Company

By admin August 22, 2014
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The Internet has made it mandatory for every small, medium and large enterprise business to be present on the Internet so that they can be in front of customers as well as compete with their rivals. The reason behind the rising trend of web development but more specifically offshore web development is the penetration of 3G/4G Internet and the widespread use of smartphones/tablets which enable users to look for products and services easier than ever before. Every company wants to be online but sometimes they cannot afford it, so offshore web development has become a real option for a company of any size to quickly and easily develop their own website. Today, it has become easier than ever before to communicate with offshore web development providers in countries such as India due to technology advances such as Skype, Gtalk and more which make the world truly connected.

Today, the company that has a strong presence on the Internet and has listed out its products or services to consumers will be able to find more customers than the one which has doesn’t have an online presence. Your website is the face of the company on the Internet to the world and it must be designed and developed with the utmost care. The appearance of the website must reflect the mission, ideology and goals of your company as a good website will not only attract new customers but also keep your customers coming back for more.

Website development is a specialized and booming field and those companies which do not have a web development strategy as part of their overall marketing strategy will be left behind. Companies have 3 options when it comes to web development expertise. They can hire an offshore web development company, they can hire someone internally or they can hire a local web development company. There are pros and cons to each of these which are as follows:

1. Offshore web development – The biggest benefit is that you can save money, time, scale up or down your offshore web development needs as per your business needs, no HR headaches, no operational expenses such as software or hardware along with a whole range of others. The downside to this is that they are not local to you so face to face meetings are not likely and communication is sometimes tough due to time differences depending on where you are located. This is by far one of the best options if you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective and great solution to your business. We will get into how you can choose a good offshore web development company shortly.

2. In-house development team – The obvious advantage to this is that you can keep an eye on your team as they work for you and you can control exactly what they are working on. The downside is that this is the most expensive option, if you have no experience hiring a web developer it will be challenging and finally the knowledge they have will be limited to their specific job role. They will not have a team of other experts around them in this field unless you hire a whole team of developer, designers and digital marketing experts. When you work with an offshore web development company or a local web development company, you are able to access the expertise of multiple people within the organization without having to hire them on a full time basis.

3. Hire a local web development company – Biggest benefit is that they will be local to you so face to face meetings are easy and finally they will have a large amount of expertise and experience of working with many web development projects. The downside is that this will be expensive and if you can get the same work done by an offshore web development company, then why not go for it. This is a great option besides offshore web development if you are very picky and budget is not a concern for you.

How to choose the right offshore web development company
To cater to the huge increase in demand for offshore web development, a large number of companies have come into existence within the past 10 years. What was once regarded as something that was only done by Fortune 500 companies, can now even by done by the smallest of companies. Offshore development companies specialize in all types of web development, applications, digital marketing and they cater to companies of all sizes from across the globe. Before jumping in head first and choosing an offshore web development company, many things need to be considered or looked at in detail, some of these are listed out below. If you follow this advice, then choosing an offshore web development company that can match your expectations, can be easier than you thought:

Company’s reputation – An offshore web development company that is providing great results for its clients is not very difficult to find. The first thing that you should do is speak to your network of people and see if they have ever worked with an offshore development company that they are happy with to see what type of experiences they have had. In addition, an offshore web development company that is producing great work will be able to easily provide you happy client references along with a large portfolio of work for you to look through. The companies which have a good reputation will be able to provide you high quality work that is delivered on time with minimal headaches. Lastly, you should also look at the executive management team and what type of experience they have so that it will give you a good sense of the culture and background of the company.

Expertise, talent & experience – To really develop a site that looks great but also gives a great user experience, you need an offshore development company that has the necessary skills, talent, expertise, and experience of delivering this type of work. You should always speak to multiple people within the organization besides the salesperson such as the project managers, technical leads and so on. This will give you a good sense as to how much talent and experience they have. In addition, you should ask them if they have worked on similar types of projects and if they have any unique ideas which they think you should incorporate within your project. You would be surprised as to how much more than just development help they may be able to offer you. Try to find a company which can become an extension of your team rather than another development vendor.

Cost-effectiveness & quality – The biggest reason for offshore web development is the price but that should by no means be the sole factor in deciding who to work with. Don’t go with the cheapest option as many times the cheapest option will not give you the quality you are looking for. You would rather do something once and pay a little more rather than wasting time or having to do it again. Pick an offshore service provider who balances both cost and quality as this will ultimately yield optimal results.

There is no denying the fact that offshore web development is a great option for a business of any size. If you are able to find a cost-effective, quality, reliable and expert offshore web development company, then the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can achieve. The upside is enormous but the necessary time and due diligence needs to be undertaken before you kick off any project. The last thing you want is to be banging your ahead against the wall for choosing an offshore provider that is not living up to your expectations. If you are looking for a good offshore web development company, then please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group as we would be more than happy to have a chat around your needs.

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