Why Has Magento Development Become So Popular

Why Has Magento Development Become So Popular

By admin October 14, 2014
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A 2013 report on trends in the emerging Ecommerce space published by Tom Robertshaw revealed that Magento is the preferred platform for developing Ecommerce websites, shopping carts, etc. The survey conducted on a million top sites on Alexa (an Amazon owned company) showed that 26% of the top one million Ecommerce sites used the Magento CMS. Started in 2007 as a CMS (Content Management System) platform, Magento development is one of the favorite choices if you are looking to get a robust and highly functional Ecommerce store. Today, Magento is being used by many of the Fortune 500 companies which clearly speaks of its growing popularity and reliability that it provides.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of Magento development and why it has become so popular across the world:

Interface that facilitates conversion – Well, when we talk of an open source technology, the first factor is always the cost involved but here we would like to discuss the even more important issue, conversion!  Every company wants more sales with a higher conversion rate rather than just potential customers visiting a web site and not purchasing anything.  When you choose to go with Magento development it means that you have unique and special features that allow for a catalog that is intuitive with layered/user friendly navigation coupled with a better search algorithm, all making the shopping process easy, simple and conversion friendly.  Customers can find and buy whatever they want to very easily without any UX blockers maximizing the potential for conversions.

Wide range of tools for marketing & promotion – You have great products and an amazing website but if you do not market it well, then your business is bound to head to flopville. Marketing and promotion is an extremely important activity for the success of any business. By opting for Magento development, you have great features in this regard which not only help smoothen the purchase process but also facilitate offline marketing. Easy distribution of coupon codes, Email marketing templates, amazing landing pages, easy management of marketing material such as newsletters, customer account creation capabilities and much more making it a very marketing-friendly CMS.

Easy site administration – Managing Magento is super-easy no matter how small or large your Ecommerce business is or how much technical capability you have. Magento development allows for easy integration with Google analytics allowing you to get the maximum benefit by delivering useful reports for performance tracking. You can also generate reports such as sales reports, stock reports, tax reports and many more. Setting up catalogues for group and individual products, different pricing systems according to countries are just some of the features that can easily be managed or created within the Magento CMS.

Performance with high speed – Waiting is something that no one likes especially when shopping online. Processing a request, loading of a page are all things that can hamper your sales and drive people out of your website. Magento excels at delivering performance at high speeds with high-end techniques of caching and other methods of DB optimization making Magento development a great choice.

Flexible – Magento development follows an open system architecture which allows developers to create amazing websites that are appealing to everyone and are compatible with any device. Especially with the booming mobile technology, the pre-integrated HTML5 makes it easy to use for touch and small display devices such as mobiles or tablets. Magento is very flexible and allows you the ability to customize easily it around your business needs. Also, since Magento is so widely used, you can easily find Magento development experts to help you with any customizations or modules you may need to have created.

This list of benefits of the Magento platform is by no means a comprehensive one. From a single proprietorship firm to a small company or even a large multi-national global organization can opt for Magento development without any hesitation. The Magento CMS is reliable, flexible, secure, open-source, customizable and much more making it a superb choice no matter what your Ecommerce needs may be. It’s no surprise why it has been getting such great reviews by people from all over the world. If you are looking for an experienced and trusted Magento development partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your development or digital marketing needs.

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