Why Is Offshore Ruby On Rails So Popular

Why Is Offshore Ruby On Rails So Popular

By admin May 21, 2015
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Ruby on Rails is a framework that has become immensely popular in recent years. Many enterprise companies such as Twitter, Basecamp, Amazon and Ebay are using ROR technology for their different types of development needs. Ruby on Rails is like peanut butter and jelly as they go hand in hand. Ruby is a coding language and Ruby on Rails is the framework that depends and uses the Ruby programming language. The Ruby coding language is designed specifically for increasing overall developer happiness from a developers perspective. Ruby on Rails allows you the ability if you are using it correctly to not write the same line of code twice. The Ruby language is very easy to learn and allows you the ability to use pre-existing code or a framework which saves you time and allows you to not write the same thing over and over again. When you combine the benefits of that Ruby on Rails offers and offshore development, you get offshore Ruby on Rails development which is a brilliant choice which we will discuss below along with how to find a good offshore Ruby on Rails development company to work with:

Why Is Ruby On Rails So Popular – If you were to build 3 identical websites, one in Java, the other one in .NET and the other in ROR, you can safely assume that the website or web application can be built in 30% to 40% less time in Ruby when compared to other technologies. The criticism for Ruby development is that it is less efficient and not scalable but that is far from the truth in our humble opinion. A company like Groupon and Twitter to name 2 brilliant examples has been able to successfully deliver ROR at scale for hundreds of millions of users across the globe. The language which is Ruby and the framework which is Rails allows you to accomplish more with less and better structured code which makes it even sweeter. Ruby code can be easily re-used, changes are super-easy, experiments are also easy to try out and iterations are also painless. Lastly, it is much easier to pick up where someone has left off as a Ruby developer will be able to easily pickup where another Ruby developer has left off when compared to PHP for example. Lastly, the Ruby on Rails development community is super-helpful, knowledgeable and hands-on with any problems or questions you may have which are key when it comes to development of any kind.

Why Offshore Ruby on Rails Is So Popular – Development in Western countries such as the US, UK, Germany or Australia for example is significantly more expensive when compared to developing nations such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines and so on. A typical Ruby on Rails developer in a Western country will cost anywhere from 40 USD an hour to 200 USD an hour or even more in some cases depending on the experience, expertise, if it’s a freelancer you are working with or an experienced company and so on. On the other hand, an offshore Ruby on Rails developer or an offshore Ruby on Rails company in India for example will cost anywhere from 15 USD an hour to 40 USD an hour to work with depending on the type of experience they possess and the ROR developer you are working with. If you can get the same amount and type of work done for a significantly reduced rate by choosing to go offshore, then why wouldn’t you choose to go for an offshore ROR company rather than hiring a local company or freelancer to work with. Billions of dollars of software development is performed in India every year to give you an idea of how much work is actually getting done in developing nations such as India and others countries as well. Indian-based offshore ROR development companies therefore understand the intricacies, challenges and expectations that clients across the globe expect so they can deliver according to those expectations.

Technical Expertise Is A Must When Choosing An Offshore Company – When it comes to development, technical expertise is critical to ensure the successful delivery and completion of your ROR development project. So many enterprise companies and even small businesses or even individuals choose to work with offshore ROR development companies as these companies possess the necessary expertise since they are familiar with Ruby development and what clients from the West expect from them. Like anything in life, the more you do something, the better you will be so when working with an offshore partner that knows what they are doing, they will have the technical expertise to deliver what you are looking for since they have worked on so many projects with clients from across the world. When evaluating and choosing an offshore Ruby on Rails company to work with, ensure that you speak to the technical staff to get a good understanding of the projects they have worked on and to understand what they have delivered in the past to know the technical expertise they possess. Lastly, if you choose to hire a full time or part time ROR development professional offshore, you should ensure that you are screening their CV’s as well as interviewing them in detail before pulling the trigger.

Experience Matters & Speaks Volumes About An Offshore Provider – This aspect is so true when it comes to ROR development as experience matters especially when it comes to software development of any kind. The more projects and the more successful deliveries an offshore ROR company has had, the better it will be for both you as a client and them as a business. They will know many of the intricacies, challenges and overall best practices to ensure that your ROR development project is successful. In addition, they will have suggestions on how to accomplish things in a more efficient/cost-effective matter. It is absolutely essential that you choose an offshore Ruby on Rails development company who has a lot of experience with the Ruby language and has worked on many ROR projects as this will benefit you tremendously. When compared to other technologies such as PHP, .NET or Java for example, you will find much less talent of ROR developers which further re-enforces how important it is to find an experienced and capable offshore Ruby on Rails developer or offshore Ruby on Rails development company to work with.

References & Portfolio Are Critical – When evaluating an offshore web development service provider, ensure you are checking to see what type of projects and how many projects they have successfully delivered in the ROR development world. Ask to see the Ruby on Rails portfolio the client has delivered to give you a good sense of what type/verticals they have worked on in the past. Ask also to see if they have worked on any similar projects to yours to get a good sense if they actually understand your business as the better they understand it, the better it will be for your business. Similary, if they have already worked on something similar, they may have suggestions for you which can really help your business/overall project. Lastly, ask to speak to ROR references in terms of current or past Ruby on Rail clients to give you a good sense of the communication, delivery, warranty and support the offshore Ruby on Rails company will provide you. It’s one thing to get a development project complete but it’s very important that you are able to work with a company that will provide you the necessary support after your project is completed. The better a companies portfolio and references are, the more comfortable you can be when choosing an offshore ROR company to work with.

Ruby is considering a higher programming language than even C++. High level languages are closer to naturally spoken language which make them much easier to learn as well as work with especially when you are first learning to code. Ruby on Rails is a brilliant choice if you want to quickly develop a website or application when compared to other technologies. When you combine the numerous benefits of the Ruby programming language along with the benefits of offshore development, you get a beautiful combination. Its no surprise that many well-known companies besides the ones we mentioned above such as Crunchbase, Bloomberg, Airbnb, SoundCloud, Square, HULU and many more are using the Ruby coding language for their website or application needs. Ensure that any offshore ROR company you choose to work with has the necessary experience since ROR is a newer language when compared to other technologies. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced offshore Ruby on Rails company in India to work with, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your development or digital marketing needs you have.

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