Why Magento Web Development Is A Great Option For E-commerce

Why Magento Web Development Is A Great Option For E-commerce

By admin January 13, 2016
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Are your planning to take your business online or set up a shop over the internet? Don’t think twice as more businesses are doing this than ever before to cater to a wider market and tap into the huge online world. Taking your business where the reach and impact is truly global — with multiplying benefits and ever-expanding prospects — is a sensible move. So, what is the hitch? What is keeping you stuck with the same old-fashioned physical store? Don’t forget, E-commerce is where all the action and future lies and therefore, you should not delay any further. If you have made up your mind, you have to choose the right platform that helps you reach your E-commerce objectives.

It’d be great if your E-commerce store or online shop is built using a platform that is considered the best for many reasons. Your E-commerce website should be designed and developed in a way to help your brand grow together with bringing increased sales, traffic and chances of revenue growth. This is why Magento Web Development is one of the safest bet for your business. Using Magento for your online store brings a whole array of benefits, together with giving complete flexibility over the functionality, content and look of your website. It caters to your unique business needs by bringing powerful tools for marketing and merchandising.

Magento is one platform that ensures a complete and is an ultimate E-commerce solution to help your business. Given the fact that some 30% of E-commerce sites in the world use this feature-rich and scalable platform, there is no reason why your business should not! It’s however true that other options or E-commerce frameworks are also available in the market besides choosing to go with Magento development but not all deserve your trust and investment. There are many reasons why businesses and many global brands such as Samsung and Lenovo to name a few prefer this open-source platform to achieve their E-commerce goals. Choosing to go with Magento Web Development over other commerce platforms brings some obvious advantages to your business, including:

Tailor-made For E-commerce

One of the many reasons of Magento’s rising pre-eminence for E-commerce is actually its being intended for the same task from the moment it came into being. It means, this platform was designed for the very purpose it went on to become popular for, and this clears any doubts hanging in the air. It’s not a platform that has only a few E-commerce plugins but rather it’s highly specialized for this task. It has a whole array of core features that enable ease and convenience of making E-commerce sites or online stores. Its list of features includes bundling of products, customer segmentation, complete inventory management with sophisticated shipping and supplier management. Apart from having user dashboards, it comes packed with capabilities for cross sell and upsell making it a superb choice for your E-commerce choice.

Grow & Expand Without Any Costs

Yes, it’s true! Magento helps your business grow and expand without incurring any charges for it. As your business gets bigger gradually, it needs to list more products and add more services, and such facilities should never cost you anything The same however is not the case with many other E-commerce platforms where businesses are asked incremental cost! Choosing to go with Magento Web Development means you are choosing a CMS (Content Management System) that is open-source which means its free from any licensing costs and can easily be customised with the help of a Magento Developer in India or any other country for that matter. In the normal course of business, you hope to add many features in the days to come and make your online store more resourceful and productive. How can then you bear any uploading restrictions on the number of SKUs, products or product lines, or something of that magnitude? Magento keeps you away from all such hassles, and this is why has become one of the most preferred choice for businesses that are looking to sell products or services online.

Loads Of Plugins

Every business likes to extend its capabilities and become more powerful. This is why ready-made or third-party apps or plugins are integrated to get more features and functionalities to benefit a website. Magento is truly a business and customer-centric platform as it lets its users add any app of their choice unlike their counterparts. It means, you need not either code your way to bring more features to your online store neither pay anything extra for apps of your choice that you use. You can get loads of free plugins or purchase higher-end one’s which gives you loads of options to choose from.

Customization Benefits For Front & Back-end

As every business is unique in their own ways, the nature of challenges and complexities too varies a great deal. What’s more, it’s the objectives and approach to fulfil them that differentiate one brand from another. Your E-commerce website will stay ahead of the curve only if it is equipped with features and functionalities to overcome those challenges. The Magento CMS is a specialized platform that enriches E-commerce businesses with customization benefits extended to both, front-end and back-end. Being an open source platform with modular technology, it enables modification in templates and layouts of any type to boost front-end customer experiences. Similarly, it allows alterations in code, events and grids to redesign backend workflows to match the evolving business needs making Magento Web Development a great choice for any size business.

Fast & SEO-friendly

You can’t avoid not considering search engines and their ever-rising clout and impact. More so, you also can’t afford not equipping your web store with features that boost visibility and presence across the Internet. What’s more, you will surely not let your visitors feel troubled with a slow loading website. That’s why you need a platform like Magento that enables your website to load extremely fast together with allowing super-quick caching of pages. More so, it enriches your online stores with the ability to retrieve data and process queries in the quickest possible time to save a lot of inconvenience to users. Similarly, it saves those sums you invest with enhancing or developing optimization abilities of website, products or services. Its source code comes with SEO-friendly elements including optimized navigation, URLs, Meta tags etc. to make your site rank higher in search engines. Just creating a website these days is not enough as you need to ensure your website is SEO-friendly and therefore will rank on all the search engines.

Mobile-friendly Features

In 2015, search queries from mobiles have outpaced those from the desktops. This is something that needs some analysis to understand a trend exploding with amazing pace. It’s time your business understood where the future lies — smartphones. You have to be ready to leverage a market brimming with ever-growing potential. Your business has to develop an E-commerce site that is optimized for mobile otherwise you will risk losing out on a massive potential. As Magento possesses HTML5 capabilities, your mobile site can have enhanced audio-visual facilities, improved drag-n-drop functionalities, screen-based image scaling and gesture-driven controls. Best of all, it will work seamlessly across all devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops perfectly.

Run & Manage Multiple Websites Simultaneously

Do you cater to multiple niche categories using the same website? More so, don’t you want each and every category of your business to be represented by a different website but with a single admin panel? If yes, Magento is what the doctors have ordered! It takes the lid off those limitations of living with one-store-and-one-system formula. Choosing to go with Magento Development means that this innovative CMS ensures that you successfully run and manage many websites using the same admin panel or backend system. Speak to your Magento Developer in India or any other place which you are getting it built for that matter as they will be able to guide you on the many options that are available. In fact, each of these E-commerce sites can be laced with a unique domain. With such a pioneering feature and level of freedom, your E-commerce website will be able to grow beyond your imagination

Support For Multiple Currencies & Tax Rates – International Friendly

As more business are coming on the Internet, geographical boundaries have really been blurred. Anyone sitting in any part of the world can buy any product or services from a retailer from almost anywhere in the world today. And this is the real beauty of taking your business to the digital space. For such international or inter-continental transactions, E-commerce sites need to have requisite capabilities. It means, your online store has to have options to accept payments in International currencies as well. Regrettably, a good number of E-commerce sites and most E-commerce platforms as well — either deliberately opt not to have such features or somehow forget to implement them. But not if you choose to go with Magento Development as it has support for multiple currencies and tax rates together with local languages customization options.

Enjoy All The Features Your E-commerce Site Needs

The best part of about Magento Web Development is its bringing to the table virtually all those features your online store needs to get going. Whether you need to list your products or need smoothness of transactions, this CMS platform ensures that your business never falls short of anything. What’s more, it’s a type of platform whose capabilities can be extended further through addition of plugins or add-ons or any 3rd party apps. In addition, it does not bother you with costs when your business grows and expands, which is a huge plus as a penny saved is a penny earned. It gives a vast sense of flexibility that boosts your business and puts it on the right track of growth. In essence, Magento is without doubt the best platform your business should invest in.

It’s quite clear why a growing number of business and brands are preferring to go with an E-commerce platform that understands their requirements and meets their specific needs which is what Magento Web Development offers. Not only is it a cost-effective and scalable solution but highly customizable and perfect for your realization of online dreams. It’s time you selected a top-rated and experienced Magento Developer in India to transform your business objectives into reality. After all, only a right partner can understand you and your uniqueness! If you are looking for an experienced, trusted and capable offshore Magento development company, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your development or digital marketing needs.

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