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By admin June 13, 2022
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What is a Commerce cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading B2B and B2C commerce solution. It is a cloud-based e-commerce platform where you can manage company products and a lot of facilities including managing AI-based tools, app stores, and much more. In short, Commerce cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels including mobile, web, social, and store.

Now e-commerce dominates the whole business world from healthcare to real estate. a Cloud-based solution helps your business grow faster. Thus, we are focusing on salesforce commerce cloud development in Saudi Arabia. We at Mind Digital Group, offshore salesforce commerce cloud development teamwork in the best strategic way to help our clients to grow their business faster in Saudi Arabia.

Maintaining expensive hardware onsite is an expensive option, thus we effectively substitute this option with a cloud-based solution to quench the E-commerce requirements of our clients.

We will take you through the basic architecture of the salesforce commerce cloud.

It connects to the digital platforms through API layers, which allows brands to bring a new code, integrate with third-party providers, and progressively iterate onsite design

The commerce cloud digital platform releases innovation up to 10 times a year. These new functionalities such as artificial intelligence, Apple Pay, and more are integrated into the storefront Reference Architecture through the API Layer

Let’s introduce Commerce cloud
Earlier we have talked about our basic objectives of salesforce commerce cloud development and the basic architecture of the cloud-based solution. The salesforce commerce cloud development in Saudi Arabia supports each requirement of the business organizations and uplift their online e-commerce business to the next level with their comprehensive cloud-based solutions. Transforming e-commerce business to the cloud was not an easy task, but our development team follows consistent workable strategies to accomplish the task overcoming challenges.

Being a leading salesforce commerce cloud development agency in Saudi Arabia, and KSA we will help you to increase business revenue and build a strong customer relationship in the digital world.

Meet Commerce Cloud; Grow revenue & Customer relationships in the Digital world

Personalized experience with customer-centric commerce
Consolidate data, illustrate each interaction and increase revenue through multiple channels with Artificial intelligence, automation processes.

Link Cloud Commerce solution to the customer journey
Drive a huge number of customers and transform a seamless customer experience in every spectrum of business including marketing, sales, IT and beyond. You can develop it by your choice, either code-based or click-based tools.

Accommodate a secure, measurable, and agile platform
Our offshore salesforce commerce cloud development team makes a customer-centric agile, measurable cloud-based platform to resolve any kind of business-related demand. We extend your eCommerce with a partner ecosystem application to provide the experience of the true marketplace, augmented reality, and much more.

Mind Digital Group is the salesforce commerce cloud development agency in Saudi Arabia that provides end-to-end B2C and B2B Solutions. We provide top-notch cloud computing solutions for both of these business categories.

Let’s discuss their feature one-by-one
Discover, measure and accomplish your business objectives with advanced B2C e-Commerce.

Innovate, scale, and reach your goals faster with connected B2C eCommerce

Unify your complete customer journey with commerce that’s agile, scalable, and trusted. Unlock revenue across channels with customizable commerce experiences.

What is new in B2C Commerce?

  • Personalized Customer experience
  • Marketing and Merchandize
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Measuring Matrix
  • Innovations

Personalized Customer experience

Drive more shoppers to your e-commerce website with uninterrupted B2C digital transaction

Optimize the conversion funnel: Cut down the unnecessary carts, optimise checkout flows and replaces them with advanced commerce cloud accounting
Mobile-friendly application: We prove cloud-based B2C e-commerce solutions that are easily adjusted in mobile; we use mobile responsive design, data-driven mobile UX/ UI, and quick payment facilities.
Empower Customer Service team: Support service agents to accept over-the-phone orders and checkout with real-time access to order history and storefronts
Manage entire order Lifecycle: Cloud-based B2C solutions associate commerce and service experience, bring together customer profiles and unlock order history with add-ons like salesforce order management.

Regulate your Marketing and Merchandising

Our salesforce commerce cloud development in KSA, and Saudi Arabia help you to regulate your Marketing and Merchandising.

Let’s explain pointwise
Create Commerce experience fast: Configuration, plan, and distribute pages with Page Designer. A simplified point of interaction and strong reusable parts make it simple to develop pages with clicks – not code

Unify product pricing & catalogues: Improve on promoting with a brought together perspective on items and evaluating across different sites, various dialects, and varied currencies.

Boost organic traffic: Boost page ranking, drive more traffic, and grow faster with Search engine optimization – from item pages and classifications to metadata and images.

Help shoppers to find out required products: Streamline client searches and improve conversion rate with merchant rules that adapt to look through plan and item productivity.

Artificial intelligence

We incorporate artificial intelligence into B2C salesforce commerce cloud development that drives more revenue with customer insights by interpreting customer behaviour online, then streamlining products, offers, discounts with Einstein Commerce insights, and an AI-based shopping basket analysis dashboard. AI also improves searches with ” type-ahead” guidance that provides type-ahead suggestions personalized to the shopper’s requirement in real-time.

Create, customized and innovate your sites

Construct and broaden shopping experience utilizing our Open Commerce APIs, which surface centre B2C online business usefulness for developers and third-party apps. React to business demands and convey development quicker utilizing a dev environment that gives industry-standard, JavaScript-based devices. Foster portable business applications utilizing adaptable APIs, a full development framework, and a guaranteed innovation partner. So, connect the power of Salesforce with your marketing, sales and services to intensify the business growth.

Measure the growth

We are the leading salesforce development & consulting agency in Saudi Arabia, which aims to scale up your e-commerce business through cloud computing and measure the growth and competition through a single click. Our B2C salesforce commerce cloud integrated with measuring matrix to minimize the risk, cost, and technical complexity of approaching a new international market with a secured infrastructure, also help you to execute global content strategies with specific-content, relevant products that are organized by country, state, region, city, and languages.

Drive growth with easy cloud-based commerce solution built for B2B buyers

What is new in our B2B Cloud Commerce solution?

You get an opportunity to market your products faster. Catch your share of the present consistently developing B2B web-based business opportunities. Send computerized ordering created for your industry in weeks. Adopting the trend is the secret of growth in the competitive market, thus adopting the market changes and understanding the customer requirements by creating new business models on requirements and making changes that fulfil buyer’s demand. Our offshore salesforce commerce cloud development helps you to scale the business growth successfully. Through our B2B salesforce commerce cloud, you can launch custom and branded storefronts quickly with an integrated ecosystem of application partners. Thus, seamlessly integrate your business application, data, and let them process to get a comprehensive view of your potential customers.

Boost online revenue
You can increase your online revenue by offering your customer an easy, and consumer-like shopping experience that they can enjoy anytime, from any location with any device. B2B cloud-based commerce solutions resolve all kinds of B2B commerce complexities. You can Simplify online shopping with highlights explicitly intended for B2B, including quick reorders, account orders, contract evaluating, custom catalogues, and much more. In addition, you can reduce the cost to serve by providing our customers with self-service tools and user’s guides, and also empower your marketing team to sell more.

Engage more customer
You can engage a greater number of customers through B2B commerce cloud solutions. It encourages you to connect every buyer touch-point with Customer Relationship Management so that you will stay updated with every touchpoint of customers which indirectly help you to analyze customer data from sales, marketing, and services. Our salesforce development & consulting team build the B2B solution in such a way that makes purchasing recommendations tailored to each customer in real-time, thus, you don’t need to hire a data scientist. In addition, It helps you to build a customer loyalty program faster and ensure long-term customer relationships with the positive buying experience

Why Mind Digital’s salesforce development & consulting service is the best option for your E-commerce business?

Mind Digital Group is a reputed salesforce commerce cloud development agency in Saudi Arabia that has an efficient team of competent developers who can provide both B2B and B2C services to their clientele through commerce cloud. Our Clients boost their e-commerce business with a unified customer experience platform offered by our leading development professionals, they use the knowledge of Artificial intelligence to intensify the growth of the business. Our clients come from diverse industries in Saudi Arabia and KSA to achieve competitive eCommerce growth and success, thus we work on both B2B and B2C salesforce commerce cloud. We also provide an omnichannel buying experience for potential buyers offline and online.

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