Key Features Of Your E-commerce Product Page

Key Features Of Your E-commerce Product Page

By admin November 22, 2016
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Being an online retailer is never easy. At one end, you need to care about the performance of your e-commerce store while at another, you need to take customer experience in mind.

Your online store will surely have a listing of lot of products and services and you need to manage them accordingly. Then, you will also need to look into the viability of product pages to your customers.

For online retailers, the biggest priority area should be the quality of their website and this is only possible when product pages are developed accordingly. Since customers first land on product pages, these pages should serve their perfectly.

So, first of all, you need to select a right platform and then hire a dedicated Magento developer to get product pages designed and developed accordingly. Which means, these pages should have all the features customers often expect.

Here are key features of an e-commerce product page –

Product title

There should be product title as only this will help search engines to do indexing in the right manner. So, you should use H1 tag for the product title so that the ranking of the page remains higher.


Customers look for images to make purchase decision. Images give a first impression of the product. So, you should use only high-quality images so that customers can be influenced in a positive manner.

Add to cart button

There should be a clear add to cart button option on the market. This button should look charming and clear. Above all, it should look ‘totally different’ on the page.

Price & availability of the product or items

Many retailers make the mistake of not listing pricing in as clearly as they should. This jeopardizes prospects a big time. Similarly, you should list international pricing with price converter as well. Similarly, you should clearly show whether the product is available or not.

Payment methods

Customers must know the available mode of payment methods at the site. This piece of information should be made clearly visible as it often influences the purchase decision. Customers look to know what your ‘accepted payment’ methods is.

Shipping details and options

Every buyer wants products to be shipped at the earliest to their doorstep and at the lowest possible cost. Some want retailers to clearly mention the time of delivery, mode of delivery, carrier options, fees and offers if any.

Return policy

Customers buy something in the hope of finding the best product. They are however not luck all the time. In some cases, they don’t get delivered what promised. Hence, they look to return the item or get it replaced. You should thus have a flexible return policy clearly mention on the page.

Product copy

Most retailers do the mistake of sticking with the product description sent by the manufactures. You should go beyond that and make your own product copy. This way, you can deliver a personal touch and catch more attention.

Detailing of product

Customers are smart today. They won’t buy unless they saw complete product details. So, you have to mention everything clearly about the product, its constituents, its materials, size, weight et al so that customers can feel convinced.

Size & colour

Size and colour are perhaps two most important consideration for customers when they buy clothes, apparel etc. Both these aspects play a major role in influencing the purchase decision. So, make sure the product page has a size and colour guide to let customers know their options.

Product reviews & testimonials

Get that straight – reviews influence purchase decision a lot. In fact, most customers first look for reviews and ratings of products before going ahead to buy the item. So, have product reviews and also put in tools so that users can give their reviews on your site. In the same way, testimonials should be there on the site to exude trust among buyers.

Add to wishlist

Buyers not always visit your online store to buy something. They can even visit to choose some products to buy in future. So, they should have the option to save their favourite items clearly so that when they return to the site, they don’t find it hard to know what they did. This you, your site can know a lot about the customer.

Product videos

Studies have proved how videos describing products help brands a lot and boost their sales a lot. So, make sure every product listed on the site has a video attached with it. If not every product, they try adding video with hot selling or trending items for sure.

Security signs

Customers worry a lot about the safety and security of their transactions. So, make sure the page has some security signs or some security license or logo in place to assuage their fears.

A 360-degree view of product with zoom feature

Buyers are interested to viewing the product from different angles. So, give them a 360-degree of the product and influence their purchase decision. After all, unless buyers viewed and understood the product better, they won’t buy it for sure. Don’t forget adding the zoom feature to enhance the clarity quotient for buyers.

Tools to facilitate customer contact

Customers can face a lot of issues while buying one or another product at your site. They may face a lot of doubts and all this can confuse them a lot. Thus, they should be provided with a way to contact your business easily and speedily. Put ‘Live chat’ option over there or give some contact number to serve them better.

Show product stats to impress customers

Customers like buying hot-selling products. They won’t show much interest in products others are cold about. They base their purchase decisions based on the number of sales, views, likes etc. the product has received. All these stats help them convince about the popularity of the product.

Social proof & social sharing button

Your product’s social proof should be clearly visible to customers. They should know how your product in sharing on social networks. Similarly, you should add social sharing button with each product so that buyers can, if they like, spread and share your product further.

Product recommendations

It’s always a great thing for retailers to give product recommendations to customers. This way, you can add into the options of customers and make them feel better. After all, customers tend to buy complimentary items when they shop something. So, recommendations can work well.


Make sure your product page provides customers with right recommendations for the product’s accessories. There may be items that complement the product customers see and you just need to bring into notice. If you could not, customers may not be able to know that something like that exists at all.


Customers look to get offers and discounts. It’s fairly genuine. So, you product page should tap into this tendency. No need to offer a big offer or discount. Just club the offers together and take some cost off them. But make sure that this up-selling effort of yours is get noticed.

In overall, all these features should be present on your ecommerce product page. The easiest way to have them all is by trusting offshore Magento development India. This way, you let experts do all the thing.

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