Social Media Is Here To Stay

Social Media Is Here To Stay

By admin June 14, 2014
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Social Media has been perplexing for most companies. On one hand it is a network for people who share their daily lives on it and has little to do with business or work, on the other hand, it opens up a direct line of contact with potential customers and can become a priceless source for invaluable leads. This was the challenge that most companies faced when Social Media first took off. Today, more and more companies are trying to be more “social” in order to achieve the same growth and sales that popular brands have managed to achieve through Social Media. We can say for sure now that this is not just a flash in the pan and that social media has already proven that it is here to stay. Today, even small businesses are using Social Media to interact with their potential customers and existing customers. People are talking less and less on the phone but are engaging with each other via Social Media channels. As a result, companies of all sizes need to be engaged with where their customers are spending there time which is Social Media.

Why Social Media Matters & How to Leverage it
Do not think of Social Media as your employees wasting time on the Internet as they chat with friends or relatives. Instead, consider this as an opportunity to reach out to people in every corner of the world. There are several benefits of engaging in Social Media marketing, one of which is a boost in your Search Engine Optimization rankings according to some experts. When you engage in Social Media marketing, you ensure that anyone who has a query or complaint about your product or brand can contact you directly. Sending a message on Facebook or Twitter is always simpler than drafting an email to your company. An active Social Media presence also ensures that people reach out to you whereas when it comes to email, people might wonder if they will even get a reply. You essentially make yourself more available and thus become a more likeable brand. In addition, ensure that any complaint or compliment you get, respond back to those people who contacted you via Social Media channels. The worst thing you can do is not respond at all to a complaint for example on Social Media as it can sometimes seriously spread like wildfire.

Promotion Through Social Media
By simply creating an online presence, you make sure that people can tag you when they are talking about you. Create a catchy profile, engage with brand loyalists, and they will promote you to their entire extended network. When you launch a new product or service or announce a special deal/offer, these same loyalists will inform their friends and share your updates. It will therefore give you a wider reach than you could ever have achieved otherwise. All of this is not just hypothetical, it has been successfully implemented by several businesses, both big and small. There are hundreds of companies that get more website traffic from Social Media channels than they do from search engines and that alone is enough to tell you how powerful this medium can be. There are so many examples of Social Media campaigns that have gone viral such as the Oreo’s tweet during the Super Bowl blackout which is a perfect example of what can happen when you are on the money with your Social Media.

Create a brand image in the mind of people

Announce new products or services more effectively

Interact and engage with your customers/potential customers

Build trust and loyalty with your customers or potential customers

Get free brand promotion from existing customers

Get great SEO advantages as well

Social Media marketing is the future of online business and for the coming years for every business. You will be giving up on invaluable information and potential sales leads if you do not manage and engage in Social Media. Already, one is hard pressed to find a big brand that is not active on Social Media as all of these organizaitrons see the value that Social Media can have on your brand. If you need any assistance or advice on your Social Media, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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