Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

By admin September 8, 2014
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PHP is the single most popular language for web development today, taking credit for over two-thirds of all websites that exist in the world. As the language has gotten even more popular, developers have created tools and frameworks around the language to help make PHP development faster and easier. Many developers across the world are using these frameworks but is a favourite amongst companies that are engaged in offshore PHP development.

Offshore PHP development is the process in which a web development company located at an offshore location such as India is developing programs/codes for clients or companies located in a different country. For example, a company or a business in the United Kingdom wants to save money on development costs, they can offshore this work to India and engage in offshore PHP development which allows them to save money, time and have the flexibility they need. Offshore PHP development allows a company to scale up or down there development needs according to the business requirements at hand without worrying about HR, operational headaches or anything else that might come with internal development resources. The reason why India is the one of the first locational choices when it comes to offshore PHP development is that the cost of labour is cheap, there is no communication barrier, India has the technical expertise to deliver quality work and India as a country is very familiar with the offshore development model.

PHP frameworks have been a boon for PHP developers and have made lives a lot easier for them. Not only do PHP frameworks add a slew of features that speed up the PHP development process, they also bring down coding errors and improve the overall code quality for the project. The open source nature of PHP has led to the creation of dozens of frameworks and a few among them have really shone through because of their superb ease of use and the advanced features that they place at the disposal of the development team during the offshore PHP development process. Yes, they are many PHP development frameworks out in the marketplace however we are sharing some of the most notable ones that are being used today amongst the PHP development community. Here are the top 5 PHP frameworks that help you get faster offshore PHP development services:

1. Laravel – Laravel has quickly emerged as a very popular framework in the PHP universe and has overtaken a number of well established and trusted frameworks to become one of the top PHP frameworks in the world today. Features include easier database version control, simpler management of third party tools, automatic paginations, and application logic.

2. Phalcon – Written and implemented as a C extension, Phalcon is a powerful PHP framework that presents itself as a full stack web framework for PHP 5, and is especially suited for creating highly configurable web apps. The Phalcon framework is loosely coupled and you can easily use all or select aspects of this framework for a more fluid and seamless development process. This one is a favourite amongst offshore PHP development companies due to the seamless development process.

3. Symfony – Part of the reason why Symfony is so famous is because of how well documented the framework is and because of its powerful ORM. The popularity of Drupal and the fact that this reputed CMS uses several Symfony components has led thousands of developers to work with Symfony as well. It is highly stable, flexible and configurable, allowing you to easily control all aspects of your development process and produce faster and cleaner code each time. Sympfony is also one of the most requested options amongst clients in the UK and US while they are engaged in offshore PHP development due to the fact that is associated with the Drupal CMS.

4. Yii – Yii makes development fun and takes away all the gritty backend work and hides it from your view. It automates a lot of things and has a powerful caching system that is especially suited when you need to create fast loading web applications. This PHP development framework has also focused heavily on security and allows you to ensure that the website code is free of all the common errors that generally lead to the website access getting compromised.

5. Codeigniter – Part of the charm of using Codeigniter for development work is the fact that it is so flexible yet simple. It is a micro framework that has been extensively documented and allows a great deal of control to you when compared to other popular PHP development frameworks. It is also easy to learn and keeps growing with you to offer you more advanced tools and features as you take on bigger projects and makes PHP development more fun.

The above 5 PHP development frameworks are just some of the ones that are most commonly used and requested when clients are opting for offshore PHP development or even opting for development internally. By using these PHP frameworks, you can not only speed up the delivery of your PHP development, you can save money by telling your offshore PHP development company to use these frameworks. By going for a robust PHP framework that can make your delivery/quality superior and an experienced/reputed offshore PHP development company, you can get the best of both worlds. You can have exactly what you need without breaking the bank and spend the money that you will be saving on other parts of your business. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and experienced offshore PHP development company that can deliver exactly what you need without any headaches, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital group as we would be more than happy to help.

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