Why Requirement Analysis Is Necessary For Web Development

Why Requirement Analysis Is Necessary For Web Development

By admin May 27, 2014
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Getting a great website that looks amazing and offers every feature you had asked your development team for is an incredible feeling. Everyone wants the development team they hire or they work with in-house to deliver a perfect product, but not everyone understands the efforts that go into making this possible. Developing a great website requires not just a great development team, but also needs some effort from the client’s end. You will have to make sure that you are clear about what you want before you can expect someone else to deliver on those expectations. This is one of the biggest reasons that all leading web development companies now include a requirement analysis process. This process ensures that there is no confusion regarding what you require, the kind of features you need and quality you expect from the company. It helps developers create a thorough list of your wants and expectations so they can work according to them.

What is requirement analysis
Requirement analysis is the process of obtaining all pertinent information regarding the project from you, i.e. the client. You have complete control over how the website looks and the features it must include. Every small detail has to be to your liking and a web development company will always try to ensure that you like the end product that you are paying for. However, making changes in the middle of web development or once a certain part of the web development is over, wastes time, resources and is impractical for companies that offer cost effective services by completing multiple projects simultaneously. Requirement analysis takes all of your input on all aspects of web development before the process begins and thus ensures that the final product has the least possible revisions in order to be ready for deployment. Topics generally covered during a standard web development requirement analysis are as follows:

  • Preferred platform and technology for development

  • Standard layout of the website

  • Design features such as logo, special fonts, ad space details

  • Features and functionality required

  • Space allocation for content and photos

  • Header and footer details

  • Contact form and subscription details

Advantages of requirement analysis
Conducting a thorough requirement analysis is necessary for web development since it eliminates confusion and ensures rapid development based around your goals. Once you have specified all your needs, you do not have to be involved in the daily activities of development while still being confident that you will get a great final product. It saves you time as well as the time of the developers who would have to work on entire segments from scratch if development was performed without a thorough requirement analysis. A good requirement analysis saves you time, is cost effective and ensures better quality. It also sets the bar in terms of what to expect and what you are able to hold your web development company accountable for as everything is clearly laid out for both parties to see. It also helps you finalize certain aspects about your own website which you were not too certain about as you are forced to make firm decisions.

Always pick a web development company that makes requirement analysis mandatory within the process of engagement especially with a new client. A little time and effort on your part will make certain that the product you get at the end is exactly what you needed. It also helps you demand better service from the web development company, since you have documented proof that you asked for certain features which were offered to you by the company. Make sure that whoever you choose to help with your web development as gone through the necessary due diligence to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. If you need any help with your web development or any digital marketing activity, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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