5 Great Places To Build Links For SEO

5 Great Places To Build Links For SEO

By admin June 26, 2015
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In the world of SEO, building links is no easy job and is a major headache for search marketers. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look at it, it is a necessary evil that needs to happen in that if you want to rank higher within the search results, you need to have a good inbound link profile. So, if you are an SEO company or even an in-house SEO search marketing expert, you need to make sure you that you are creating and acquiring high quality links to get your website to rank ahead of the competition. So, the magic question is where to build links if you are new to the world of SEO or are even if you are just looking for some fresh ideas. Below is a list that we have created that are some great/safe places where you can build links to help with your SEO. It is by no means a complete list but some good ideas if you haven’t heard of them already:

Blog Related To Your Industry – Blogs that are external to your website present a brilliant opportunity to build links to your website that will help your link profile. They are many ways in which you can get a link such as become a regular contributor, columnist or even do guest posting on that blog. The key is to find a blog that is related to your industry and not choose a blog just for the sake of links which is big no-no. For example, guest posting or getting a link from a gambling blog for your children’s Ecommerce website doesn’t make any sense but rather it may actually hurt your rankings as well as it looks spammy. Google has become super-smart so try to get published or share content on a blog that is relevant as possible to your industry/business vertical. You can always ask the SEO company you are working with to advise you on what they recommend as relevant blogs and so forth as they should have this type of experience.

Educational & Government Websites – Any good SEO company or search marketer knows that educational and government websites are one of the best places to get links from. They are very authoritative and are one of the most valuable places where you can acquire high quality links to your website. For example, if you want to try to acquire a link from an .edu domain, try to offer a scholarship or donation to these individual institutions for their students/funds/activities and so on. Ask them if they have a sponsor page where they display names/links of companies or people that have donated money in the past to this educational institution. Besides getting on an .edu website, you can also try to acquire a link from a .gov website which is harder than an educational institution website. One of the ways you can try to get on a .gov website is to try to sponsor a community event or get more involved with the local government to see what’s possible. For example, if the town has a local sports team or a charity that they support, see what’s possible in terms of sponsoring these events and getting it published on the .gov community website. Again, it’s the simple out of the box things that will help you get links on your website which you or the SEO company you are working with need to think of.

Forums Related To Your Industry – As earlier mentioned, relevancy is critical when it comes to links from other websites. The same goes for forums where technical and non-technical information is discussed that is related to your industry. For example, for our own inbound link profile at Mind Digital, we have our developers engage and speak to people that are having problems with certain technical aspects of Magento on a technical development forum. So, if someone has a problem that they need help with, one of our Magento developers will give them an in-depth explanation to the solution and place our link at the bottom of the explanation which not only improves our brand as an organization since we are helping the development community but also increases our inbound links and traffic to our website. You would be surprised at how many forums are on the Internet that have to do with your industry but it’s all about finding the relevant ones which can help you as an SEO company or even if your running your SEO in-house to achieve better rankings.

Audio Sharing Websites – They are tons of audio-sharing websites that many people don’t know about. These are very much under-utilized places where you can easily get backlinks to your website such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp and so on. It’s super-easy in that you can easily record anything, upload it and you will get a free backlink to pass authority that is relevant to your website. Again, it’s all about thinking out of the box but not doing Spammy or black-hat stuff which is a big no-no.

Wikipedia & Journalistic Websites – Wikipedia is another place where many people don’t think that they can actually get links from but that is not the case. Wikipedia is fully open to the public and is open to editing which means that you really have full control to build the links that you want for your website. Remember, you want to use your website as a citation only in a place that actually makes sense rather than stuffing it into the middle of something completely irrelevant. You can also create a Wikipedia page about your company or business which will also pass SEO link juice. In addition, another place where you can get juicy links for your website is programs such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out) which helps webmasters find opportunities for journalists. Basically, you can volunteer some information and in return for some information, you can get a mention in an article as well as a juicy SEO link. Lastly, a good SEO company will very much be in the know of the best places to build links as well as other journalistic websites/blogs/hangouts where you can acquire high quality links from.

When it comes to the world of SEO, it’s all about thinking outside of the box. You need to offer valuable content that is shareable/likable as well it needs to be beneficial or just plain funny enough to become viral on its own. I am sure many people have heard from either an SEO company or read about it on some blog that link-building is dead but that is far from the case. If you take your time, do some research and think outside of the box, a lot is possible when it comes to the world of linkbuilding/SEO. Link building is not dead but rather it needs to be done carefully/smartly/take the necessary time rather than the old-school ways of quantity over quality. Make sure you are not doing anything blackhat or spammy which will set you back years if not months and be sure about what you are doing or know what the SEO company you are working with is doing for you. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced SEO company in India to partner with that has offices across the globe, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your development or digital marketing needs you have.

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