Tips To Create A Good Backlink Profile

Tips To Create A Good Backlink Profile

By admin June 3, 2014
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Content is king in terms of Search Engine Optimization and this statement which I am sure you have heard many times before is also one of the most over-stated facts about SEO. On the basis of only content, you cannot get higher rankings within the search engines. You need to do something beyond just create unique content such as both on-page and off-page SEO. Nowadays with the changing landscape of SEO, you hear most experts discuss mainly 2 things which are content and on-page optimization. Off-page SEO has importance that needs to be taken seriously, however it is not as important as before but still a vital part of your digital strategy. Today, we are going to discuss about how you can create a good backlink profile to help with your SEO rankings. Creating a good backlink profile comes underneath the remit of off-page SEO activities. Below, we will give you some simple advice on how to create a good backlink profile.

1. Pick Targeted Keywords – The first step is finding the main keywords that you want your website to rank for. This is critical and the first task which you need to undertake before doing anything else so you know exactly where you want to be. Ensure that you are doing research and thinking thoroughly about where you want your business to be viewable online. You should ideally target 5 to 10 keywords in the beginning that are not very high competition that you would like to rank for within the search results. After this is complete; your strategy, content, and goals should revolve around these targeted keywords.

2. Main Competitors – Once you have completed the first step, the next thing you need to do is see who are the competitors that are ranking for your targeted set of keywords. Once you have completed this and identified all the main competitors, move on to the next step.

3. Backlink Analysis – You now have your list of targeted keywords and your main competitors, great! The next step is analyzing and seeing what are the backlinks of these competitors. There are many free online tools that are available through which you can explore the backlinks of any website. Use these tools to identify the links and once you have this detailed list of backlinks, you should filter the quality sites into a separate list.

4. Get Links From Similar Sites – This is a lot easier said than done, however try your best to get links from the same site or similar sites to your webpage. Use techniques such as content seeding, creating valuable content that the website owner would want to share with their audience to generate you a backlink or even just contact the webmaster directly. Links from similar sites shows the search engines that your website is also relevant for the same topic.

This above list are some simple steps you can follow to get higher rankings by improving your backlink profile through targeted efforts. You would be surprised how far you can get with thinking things through and creating a good SEO plan. If you need any assistance or help with your SEO or anything else digital marketing or development related, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital Group.

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