Why Look Into Offshore Web Development In India

Why Look Into Offshore Web Development In India

By admin July 9, 2015
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The term offshore web development means getting web development work done at a country other than yours at a developing nation such as India, Poland, the Philippines and so on. Offshore web development has been taking place for a very long time and is nothing new by any means but is something that has really gained popularity recently. Earlier, only large multi-national companies or Fortune 500 companies were engaging in the outsourced business model by usually setting up a local office in that specific destination or working with a company directly. Today, with the world more interconnected than ever before and communication being super easy, a company of any size or even an individual can engage with a web development company in India or anywhere for that matter. So, why is working with a web development company in India as well this overall business model become so popular and something that should be seriously considered, below we will discuss why:

Money, Money, Money – Money talks and that is definitely the case when it comes to why so many people as well companies are looking into working with a web development company in India. For example, a web development professional in India can cost as little as $10 dollars (depending on experience/company) an hour versus the US, UK or Australia where developers can cost upwards of $50 dollars an hour on average to give you an idea about the huge difference. By working with a web development company in India, you can really save a lot of money which can be clearly seen by the amount of money that you are paying. The reason why that is the cost of living and currency difference is quite substantial when compare to its Western counterparts. The money that you can save by working with an web partner in India can be re-invested into other parts of your business that may need it or even buy that watch you have always been wanting. Resources and money matter so why wouldn’t you consider a more cost-effective alternative if you can get the same level of output that you are looking for at a better price.

Technical Expertise – India as a country surprisingly churns out more than 1 million IT professionals a year from top colleges and universities. Almost any type of technical expertise that you are looking for can easily be found within India as the country has more than 1 billion people and counting. If you do a simple Google search, you will literally find thousands of great companies that can help you with any type of development work you can imagine. When it comes to technical expertise, India as a country is a great offshore web development option. Whether it be a simple WordPress website or a Magento Ecommerce store, you can get what you are looking for within the country without any hiccups. Ensure that you are of course testing the knowledge of the developers and the web development company in India company you are looking to work with to get a good sense of their technical capabilities.

Language Barrier – Majority of educational institutions in India are taught in English which make life much easier if you are from the US, UK, Australia or any other English-speaking destination. This means that you don’t have any type of language barrier which is a big challenge with some offshore destinations. Almost all web development companies in India have staff that are familiar if not fluent in the English language which make India a great choice when it comes to offshore web development. Language and communication are key when it comes to development and is something that needs to be taken seriously which India does.

Scalability – When it comes to scalability, the offshore business model is absolutely brilliant. For example, if you have a project that is for 120 days but requires a team of 10 developers at once, you can easily find what you are looking for without any hiccups. The fact is that you can easily hire dedicated PHP developers or any other type of developers you are looking for without worrying about how to scale it. For example, if you had to hire internally for this development project, what would this staff do after the project is completed and how hard would it be for you find these development professionals in the first place. You have to deal with trying to find these developers which is no easy asking and then interviewing/screening them as well which is another challenge altogether. By choosing to work with a web development provider in India, you can easily scale up or down your development needs without worrying about hiring, firing or recruiting anyone which saves you a lot of headache.

Familiarity – This point is something that most people don’t realize when working with a web development partner in India. India as a country is very familiar with the outsourced business model and is one of the leading places when it comes to services such as development, BPO, KPO, call centers and so on. So many enterprise companies such as HP, Dell, Deloitte, PWC and countless others rely on India as an offshore destination. As a result, Indian companies and professionals are familiar with what clients expect from them in terms of output, deliverables, professionalism and so on. In addition, these professionals will have loads of experience when it comes to working on different projects as well as numerous countries across the world. In terms of familiarity, India really knows what the term getting it done means which make it a great choice.

HR & Other Costs – If you hire someone in the US for example, you have to worry about many things which you don’t if you work with a web development company in India. Factors such as insurance costs, recruiting costs, software costs, hardware costs and many other things come into play when you have an in-house team. They are so many operational and other overheads that need to be factored in which quickly add up. Even if you work with a local web development partner for example, you still have to pay an increased rate as compared to working with a web development provider in India. Working with a web development company in India can really save you a lot of money, headaches and other unforeseen costs which many businesses/individuals don’t realize. There is a reason why so many enterprise companies have offices setup throughout India which can be clearly be seen if you think about it.

Working with an web development company in India can be a very lucrative endeavour if you are able to find the right offshore partner to work with. The key is to find a partner that has all the experience and expertise you are looking for which is no easy asking. The best way to find the right partner is ensure that you are checking client references, looking through the portfolio of work they have delivered as well as speaking to the actual team that will be handling your project. If possible, try to test them out with a smaller project to try to get a sense of the team and their working style which will mitigate risk. Lastly, ensure that you have all your deliverables and expectations clearly laid out so the company your working with knows exactly what you expect from them. If you can find a good web development company in India to work with, it can really add a lot of value, save you time and add scalability to your business. If you are looking for an experienced, trusted and capable web development partner to work with, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your development or digital marketing needs you have.

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