Social Media Trends To Benefit From In 2017

Social Media Trends To Benefit From In 2017

By admin June 6, 2017
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Social media is no more a fad only – it is now a powerful marketing platform for brands of any scale and variety. It’s where all the action lies at least for brands and marketers, purely for the ever-rising userbase it has. With that, it becomes important for brands to make their social media strategy with care to gain the maximum benefits.
Further, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. have a unique audience profile which needs to cater with right planning. Your strategy for one platform won’t work for another and vice versa, so being careful is the only mantra of success here. Plus, trends keep changing with social media which your business have to consider to benefit from.

Here are social media trends that brands can’t overlook in 2017 –

1. Rising power and popularity of live video content
Let’s admit it straight away – video marketing is rising in significance and that too, at a staggering rate. In fact, live video content is on the upward swing with more marketers either have tried it or planning in coming days. Brands have understood the scope and power of posting live and interactive videos, courtesy the rise of streaming platforms. Brands are just loving to live stream their video content.
More so, live streaming on Facebook has already touched a new high and the story is not different for Instagram, Twitter and Periscope. So, from events to product launch to interview to Q & A sessions to receiving feedbacks from customers directly, live streaming of videos has added a new dimension to your digital marketing efforts. Don’t miss out on this craze and benefit your brand with live streaming of videos.

2. Messaging apps for quick communication
More than half the population of the world still use messaging apps. This number is truly staggering in scale indicating the potential most businesses generally lose out on. Not all brands though, as some know how to use these apps to engage with customers on one-on-one basis. They are redefining the way customer service is delivered as both the parties – brands and customers – can connect easily and exchange ideas and thoughts.
What’s more, brands can leverage the reach of messaging apps for customer service and save a lot of money in the process. Similarly, brands can take feedback and grievances from customers and solve their problems in a quick manner. Brands can now look for quick and real-time connection with the audience and be ready to serve them easily. This is how messaging apps can help brands go a long way.

3. Social media e-commerce to rise further
How about buying products in between your activities on social media? This is what brands want more of as they understand the kind of userbase and constant presence across social platforms. In fact, social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have already made this a reality while other platforms are still testing e-commerce features for a feature roll-out. This will surely bring more avenues of sales for businesses.
More so, studies now confirm how more users now like to follow brands on social media and how these platforms are used for browsing products. So, social media is not more restricted to finding interactive content alone as there, products can be searched, found and purchased. Clearly, brands just can’t ask for more given the reach social media have and kind of market it provides for product sales purposes.

4. Mobile ads to turn more competitive
Mobile ads are becoming more popular and brands look for bigger and greater investment in them in coming years. In fact, you marketers can strategize better, their mobile ads can generate more than 70% of total social media revenue alone. Before that, they have to understand the algorithm and trends social networks employ with ads. They have to see what kind of content now gets more priority through mobile ads and so on.
Let say for example, if you want Facebook to run your ads, then the ads should be engaging and entertaining to bring home the benefits. The same is true with Twitter ads and being innovative and creative will hold the key. So, you have to buy ad spaces with clarity as social platforms can be very helpful in reaching to the audience in a cost-effective manner and getting conversions out of them.

5. Effectiveness of personalized content
Traditional advertising lacks personal touch. It’s too generic to appeal a broad set of customers. This calls for a new way to approach customer. Brands have to rely on a new mode of advertising delivery to reach to end users. This is where the reach and effectiveness of personalized content becomes effective. More brands now look to leverage personalized, customized or relevant content to reach to the audience and cater them perfectly.
Social networks understand this trend well and even Facebook allows re-targeting option so that brands can reach to the audience exactly in the way desired. This innovative way of advertising is about first analysing where the customers are and then devising right content and adverts to catch their attention. Only relevant content can help customers get some value and think of engaging to brands and interacting with them more personally.

6. Multi-channel strategy to stay relevant
It’s getting increasingly difficult to get organic traffic from social networks. Getting customer attention is not as easier as it once was. The reason is simple – social networks are constantly changing their algorithms. Which means, they are making it tougher for businesses to get traffic out of them? But why? There can only be one reason – to promote their ads and get more ad revenue.
So, rather than relying too much on social networks, you also have to go for SEO and email marketing. Or, use a multi-channel marketing strategy to stay relevant. Only this kind of digital marketing India can help you gain traffic and realize your brand goals easily. So, do what the need is and make the best of social networks.

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