Web Development In India Is A Viable Option

Web Development In India Is A Viable Option

By admin August 21, 2015
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The Internet has taken the world by storm from all angles. Whether it be the rocketing usage of smart phones or the addiction to checking your Social Media profiles, the Internet has transformed consumer behavior and consumer action from every angle. Today, if you are a business of any size, it is not important but rather it is a necessity to have a website to show that you actually exist. Quite literally, if you don’t exist online, you don’t even actually exist! Even your local deli, pizza guy or plumber for that matter has a some sort of presence online through a website in some way, shape or form. For this reason and so many more, the need for a website even if basic is absolutely essential for almost all businesses. If you go to a local web development agency or a web development freelancer in the US or the UK, it can be quite an expensive affair hence the reason to look for alternative options. In today’s tough economic time, many businesses and individuals are looking for alternative options. This is one of the main reasons why web development in India as a service has skyrocketed with no end in sight. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons and thought process behind this decision and why if executed correctly, can be a very lucrative opportunity:

Money Matters – Let’s face it, money matters and it affects every decision we make from the vacation we take to the car we drive and even the clothes on our back right now! When you work with a web development company in India, you can significantly reduce the money that you outlay for a website. Whether you are looking for a fully robust Ecommerce website built in Magento or a simple corporate website built in WordPress, India has you covered from all angles. A typical developer in India from an experienced/trusted company will cost you anywhere from $15 dollars an hour on the low end to $50 dollars on the high-end depending on the type of work that you want to get done. The more complex the web development project is, the more you will pay as the resources that will work on your project will need to be more senior which will increase the rate that you page. Vice-versa, the simpler your project is, the less money you will pay obviously. On the other hand, a web development professional in the UK or the US for example at an agency will cost anywhere from $50 dollars an hour on the low-end to $175 dollars on the high-end depending on the experience/professionals that will be working on your project. This gives you a clear idea about the huge difference in money when it comes to working with a web development partner in India versus the US, UK or Australia to name a few. Also, if you were to try to hire internally on the other hand, you have to deal with many headaches such as software costs, hardware costs, recruiting expenses, HR headaches and so much more unnecessary obstructions. When you work with a good web development company, you can hire on a long term or short term basis or even on a project basis if need be. You will have the ultimate flexibility without having to worry about many of the unnecessary things that happen when you have web development professionals on staff in your office for example. So, besides saving loads of money when working with a web development partner in India, you will also save a lot of headaches.

India Has Experience – Whether it Dell, HP, Lenovo, Accenture, HCL, BP, many of the most reputable multi-national organizations or Fortune 500 companies have some type of presence in India for a simple reason. Whether your project is small or big, India as a country has more than 1 billion people and counting. Every year it is estimated that more than 1 million enter the IT workforce to give you an idea about the huge talent pool that increases every year from world-class education facilities. Any language or profession of IT, can be easily sourced in India without even blinking an eye. A simple Google search for example will literally yield you thousands of companies which work in every technology you can imagine from PHP to Ruby on Rails to Python or iOS/Android and then some. India as a country is very familiar with the outsourcing business model as they are being used for many BPO, KPO and other offshore works which is increasing year by year. So, rest assured knowing that if you are looking for a good web development partner in India, you can easily find many companies who will be able to deliver what you are looking for no matter what size project you have. The cost of living, the experience India possess, the lack of language barrier are all reasons why India is such a great offshore destination.

Always Be Careful – Choosing a web development company in India is no bed of roses by any means but is something that can definitely be accomplished if you take the necessary steps to do so. Firstly, ask around to friends and work colleagues to see if anyone has used an offshore web development company in the past as past experiences or real-life references are priceless when making these type of important decisions. If someone has used a company in the past, they will know what it is like to work with them and what their overall experience has been when they partnered with that company. If you don’t know anyone that has used a web development company in India, then by simply doing a Google search, you can find countless companies who work in this field. First, take a look at their website to get a good sense of what they can do and if it fits with what you are looking for. For example, if you need work done in PHP or .NET, check to see if the company has experience in this field and how many actual staff possess the skillset you are looking for. Next, check to see the work portfolio of projects they have completed which will give you a very good sense of what they have delivered in the past. Experience matters and if they have delivered something similar in the past to what you are looking for, this will give you more confidence when looking through your list of options to choose a web development company in India to work with. Lastly, if they have passed the first two checkboxes, ask them for actual client references. Any good web development partner will have a list of ready to go references that should be ready to speak to you. This will really give you a good sense of what the company is all about as when you speak to real clients, you can ask them specific questions which the company may not tell you about. Look carefully and minutely at both the portfolio and the client references that the company provides as a good reputation is absolutely essential when choosing an offshore partner to work with on your project.

Working with a web development company in India can really save you a lot of time, money and headaches as discussed earlier. The most important thing however is to find a capable web partner who can deliver what you are looking for within the budget that you have allocated. Don’t always go for the cheapest option when choosing a partner as this can really backfire sometimes as you won’t get the quality you are looking for. Choose someone that is competitively priced and checks all the boxes rather than money be the all-deciding factor. If you take your time and go through the due diligence that you need to do, you can really benefit tremendously. Make sure that before you begin any work with this new offshore partner that all deliverables and timelines are clearly laid out for both you as a client and the offshore web development partner you are looking to work with. The more clear everything is, the less likely their will be mistakes or confusions from all parties involved. If you are looking for a trusted, experienced and professional web development company in India that has offices in New York, London and New Delhi, please feel free to reach out to the team at Mind Digital for any of your web development or digital marketing needs you have.

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